Fate/Zero Episode 6

So...you know that stereotype about female drivers? Well, Iris is behind the wheel of a vehicle at the start of this week's episode...and it's pretty darn scary. Besides that, we have the inevitable (and anticipated) meeting between Saber and Caster, as he appears on the road.

Epic rejection for Caster, as Saber bluntly tells him that she has no idea who he is, despite his elaboration that his name is Gilles de Rais. We start to realize why as he calls her Jeanne d'Arc, not Arturia. Saber prepares for battle, but Caster just backs off, determined to "restore her memory."

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kayneth, Lancer's Master, although having control of the command seals and Lancer, does not supply the prana for Lancer. Instead a woman named Sola-Ui, his wife, does so instead, acting as a second Master. However, she disapproves of his cowardly approach to the Grail Wars.

Kayneth's building is evacuated due to a fire in the lower levels, which Kayneth believes to be a ploy by Saber's Master to draw him out and bypass his barriers. Instead, Kiritsugu blows up the entire building, having seen this coming. Kirei ambushes Maiya in the chaos, but she is able to escape.

Kirei has a bit of a chat with Gilgamesh, which leads to Gilgamesh questioning Kirei's motives. Kirei responds that he has none, but Gilgamesh finds that hard to believe (I do too). Gilgamesh ends up asking Kirei to find out the motives for all of the other Masters, and Kirei agrees, seeing it as a chance to figure out his own motives.

Another great episode. Looks like everyone's going to be ganging up on Caster. Also, based on the preview, I think it's pretty clear that Kayneth and Lancer are alive. Kiritsugu and Kirei both show off how epic they are (how many people can so calmly blow up a building?). I wonder if Kirei's serious about having no desires or motivations. If so, then maybe this show will look at how he is affected by the Grail's power or something to that effect.

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