Persona 4 Episode 5

Alright, guys! Now that Yukiko's safe and sound, the gang has gotten a short reprieve, which means that this episode has no battles! Instead, this episode focuses on Yu's social life and social links.

First off, we're introduced to Ichijo Ko, the basketball club's leader, and his friend Nagase Daisuke, who's actually from the soccer club, but likes to help out with the basketball club. Chie and Ichijo convince Yu to join the team, where he also meets Ebihara Ai, the team's manager.

The next day, Ebihara drags Yu out of class and they go out shopping (it's basically a date). Later at the club, Ebihara reveals to Yu that she has a crush on Ichijo and asks for his help. Yu talks to Ichijo, but Ichijo reveals that he actually likes Chie. Unfortunately, Ebihara overhears and gets majorly depressed.

Ebihara opens up to Yu, but it leads to her forcing him to go out with her. She starts to drag him around, much to his and Chie's dismay, so Chie joins the basketball team as a manager as well. Ichijo confides in Yu, revealing that he may quit after their next game due to his parents' disapproval of basketball.

At the game, Chie and Ebihara come to watch. However, they start to fight (woohoo catfight). Yu manages to break them up and they finally notice Ichijo's dedication to basketball. After the game, everyone goes to a ramen shop to hang out. Although they lost, Ichijo resolves to stay on the basketball team, and Ebihara decides to leave Yu alone so she can pursue Ichijo.

Pretty cool episode that steps away from the action. I think that last few episodes were starting to fall into a pattern, so this episode does a great job of stepping back and breaking the mold, much like the game. I hope that the bonds with Ichijo and Ebihara give Yu more Persona like they do in the game. It was also pretty funny that they added in the scene with cup noodles at the very end (it's pretty recognizable if you played the game). Looks like next week, we meet Kanji (who's quite the powerhouse in the's actually kind of ridiculous).

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