Guilty Crown Episode 4

I think I mistakenly called my post for last week Episode 4, so I apologize for that. That aside, let's get down to the good stuff. Last week, we left off with Shu getting betrayed by Yahiro and pushed in front of the GHQ. Shu is handcuffed, and Inori is stopped before she can go back to help him.

Segai starts to question Shu, but Shu is able to remain fairly tight-lipped. Meanwhile, Gai issues a formal challenge to the GHQ, telling them he plans to raid their facility. Segai reveals to Shu that Yahiro betrayed him because of his younger brother Jun, who has been infected with the Apocalypse Virus.

Segai tries to convince Shu that the GHQ is fighting for a good cause, but Shu refuses to hear it. Segai shows Shu a man named Kido Kenji, who is also detained at the facility, and tells Shu that Kido is the true reason for Gai's infiltration mission. Segai then gives Shu a transmitter and asks him to give away Gai's location with it.

The next day, Gai shows up pretending to be Shu's lawyer. He reveals that he really is after Kido and orders Shu to draw Kido's Void. Shu tries to question Gai, but the operation starts before he is able to get any answers. Shu starts to hesitate, but Inori appears at the facility (against orders) to find Shu.

Shu rushes out to save Inori while Gai rushes to save Kido himself. Gai manages to get Kido right in front of Shu, who draws his Void, which turns out to be a gun that manipulates gravity. Shu gets surrounded, but Inori appears to save him, allowing him to draw her Void. After Shu annihilates all of the enemies, he finally agrees to join the Undertakers, but holds on to the transmitter from Segai.! It's definitely split from Code Geass by now. This week, we got to see a completely different side of Inori, as she comes to find her feelings for Shu (was super cute too). Gai also establishes himself as a complete boss. That transmitter's gonna be pretty important. I definitely want to know what happens next.

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