Tamayura Hitotose Episode 5

The return of Chihiro! Chihiro manages to get off the train too early, so Fu's mother goes out to pick her up. Meanwhile, Fu finds out about her mother's motorcycle history. The next day, Fu introduces Chihiro to the other girls.

Basically, most of the episode involves the girls showing Chihiro around the town (she even meets Momoneko). Kaoru's sister joins in and ends up making them all walk all the way back to wear Chihiro originally got off the train (which takes hours). When they finally reach their destination, Chihiro gives each of them a phone strap that she made.

Another nice episode. Even though she's introduced as a crybaby, Chihiro doesn't cry too much in this episode. I think this show does a great job of stepping away from the in-your-face comedy style of most slice of life shows. Look forward to more!

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