Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 5

This week's episode starts off with the POG discussing Kaito's recent performance. They eventually decide to test his abilities. Bishop flies out to invite Kaito to meet the head of the POG. Kaito agrees, but Nonoha and Gammon join him.

At the POG headquarters, they find out that POG stands for Puzzle of God. They are also greeted by a series of puzzles. Gammon starts to solve the puzzle, as Kaito and Nonoha reveals that Kaito once studied at Crossfield Academy, a famous school for geniuses.

As they solve the puzzles, Kaito starts to remember his time at Crossfield Academy and the similar puzzles he saw there. However, Kaito remembers the final puzzle as the same one that killed his parents. Kaito's armband starts to glow in response to his anguish, and he starts to blame himself for the death of his parents.

Nonoha gives Kaito some of her cookies to shock him back to normal, but he passes out. A voice then broadcasts over the intercom, saying that the test is over and that they will all be sent back to the academy. Later, Kaito finds himself unable to solve even a simple puzzle.

It was pretty interesting to see some of the background for Kaito. Also, I liked that they cut him down a bit...he was winning too much. Now, he's got a whole new challenge to deal with.

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