Chihayafuru Episode 4

This week's episode starts off with Chihaya and Taichi seeing Arata off as he moves. After that, we finally move back to the present, right back where we left (with Chihaya on the train with Taichi). Chihaya ends up forcing Taichi into an agreement to help her with the karuta club if she is able to make Class A in the coming tournament. Taichi goes back to the karuta society, where the owner Harada instantly recognizes him. Taichi talks a bit with Harada, where he reveals that he gave up karuta after realizing that he wouldn't be able to surpass Arata. Taichi continues to watch Chihaya progress through the tournament, surprised at how far she's come. In her finals match, she faces off against someone who has been stuck in Class B for three years. He ends up gaining an early lead due to his aggressive play, and seems to know how Chihaya plays. However, Chihaya starts to make a comeback as the game continues, and the two continue to pass each other the Chihayafuru card (as they both know it's Chihaya's strongest card). The game ends with Chihaya winning, and because it's anime, the game is won on the Chihayafuru card (yeah...). After making Class A, Chihaya finally calls Arata, but he asks her not to call him again, as he's stopped playing karuta.

Well, this series is a tad predictable, but so far, I don't really mind. I'm sure Arata's thing has something to do with his grandfather. Maybe his grandfather died and he started hating karuta because it caused it or something like that. Guess we'll find out. Definitely glad the story came back to the in the past is boring.

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