Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 4

This week's episode starts off with Jikugawa telling Kaito that there's another puzzle for him, and that he will be teaming up with the one who has the Da Vinci title. Da Vinci turns out to be a girl named Ana Gram, a reclusive student that tends to hang out in the art studio (she also has a tendency to get surrounded by animals). Kaito tries to tell her to leave the puzzle alone, but she continues to insist that she will go. They arrive at the mansion, where they are introduced to the wife of Schwarzenberg, a famous painter. The two have been sent to solve the puzzle Schwarzenberg created to protect his treasures. The butler reveals himself as the Giver for this puzzle (it's always the butler) and traps them in it. Nonoha and Gammon make their way to the mansion, but Sebastian will not let them enter. Kaito is able to solve the puzzle, but he's unable to interpret the code. However, Ana, knowing the names of the painters, is able to give him the pattern he needs. Despite this, Kaito is unable to solve the puzzle. Finally, Kaito is able to figure it out, and he opens the vault, revealing a bunch of paintings of Schwarzenberg's wife. Sebastian then apologizes for his behavior as a Giver, being the first Giver that didn't try to kill them after they solved his puzzle. The episode ends with Kaito and Nonoha finding out that Ana is actually a guy (it was a trap!). An interesting episode. Switching up the MO of the Giver was definitely unexpected. However, the whole "my bitter wife is actually my greatest treasure" thing was pretty predictable. Also, the minute I saw the letters that were the code, I knew it was Roman numerals. More complicated puzzles next week, huh? Let's go for that.

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