Persona 4 Episode 3

Woot! This week's episode starts off with a flashback of Chie meeting Yukiko for the first time (as well as gaining the Magician bond in the Velvet Room). Back in the present, Chie becomes worried after not hearing from Yukiko, but when Yosuke suggests that she checks the inn instead, Yukiko calls her. However, the gang is still worried, since someone did appear on the Midnight Channel. After school, Yu meets Daisuke and Kou (although they aren't properly introduced yet). These two are members of sports clubs in the game, soccer and basketball (I wonder which one Yu will join). The three are unable to enter the TV at Junes due to how crowded it is, so they decide to just check the Midnight Channel. However, this time the picture is clear, showing Yukiko, but with a completely different personality. Chie rushes to the inn to check on Yukiko, but finds that she is missing. The next day, Yosuke brings some fake weapons to Junes to bring into the TV, but he is arrested by a police officer who mistakes them for real weapons. They're quickly released, but the weapons are confiscated.

The three go into the TV world. There, they find the strange castle from the Midnight Channel the night before. Chie rushes in first, leaving Yu and Yosuke to clean up the Shadows trailing her. Chie enters a replica of Yukiko's room, hearing Yukiko's voice. Yukiko's voice talks about how important Chie is to her, but a Shadow Chie appears, who reveals that Chie thinks similarly about Yukiko, that each of them depends on the other and is jealous of the other. Chie rejects the Shadow and it changes form like Yosuke's Shadow did. Yu and Yosuke start to battle it, but seem to have some trouble (more trouble than I did in the game). Chie starts to spiral, but Yosuke and Yu manage to reassure her and she accepts her Shadow. The Shadow is weakened, but attempts to take down Yosuke anyway. However, Yu's wild card power activates and he switches Izanagi with Jack o'Lantern (a Magician type). With it, Yu frees Yosuke and the two team up to defeat the Shadow, changing it into its Persona form. Wow...just wow...That's a great way to deal with Yu's wild card ability. In the game, you got Persona randomly after battles and could fuse them, but it looks like they'll be restricting Yu to only the Persona types for which he creates bonds. I also liked that they put in the same animation as the game for the all-out attack with Yosuke at the end. Definitely looking forward to next week's episode (which is gonna be Yukiko, based on the preview).

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