Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 3

The start of this week's episode is classic. Yozora and Kodaka walk into the clubroom to find Sena playing an eroge (lol). Sena tries to convince Yozora of the merits of the eroge, leading to Yozora challenging Sena to read the scene out loud (hilarity ensues). In the end, Sena is unable to get through it and runs away, embarrassed. After school, we are introduced to Kobato, Kodaka's younger sister. Kobato is a fan of an anime called "Kurogane no Necromancer." She tries to dress and act like one of the characters on the show. The next day, Sena suddenly asks Kodaka to teach her how to swim (so that she can swim with the video game heroine). The two meet up, and Sena picks up swimming fairly quickly. Later, when Kodaka leaves Sena alone, she is harassed by a group of guys. Kodaka arrives, managing to get them to leave. Sena insults them as they walk away though and one of them attacks her. Kodaka blocks his punch and truly scares them off. When they leave, Kodaka scolds Sena for her behavior, and she realizes that he actually cares for her. Later, Kodaka remembers a friend he had when he was a kid, but his name isn't revealed. Kodaka comes out of his daydream saying a line that friend once said to him, not realizing that Yozora is also there. She seems flustered by the line, but makes up an excuse for Kodaka. So...part of me wonders if Yozora had a tomboy phase as a kid...if you catch my drift. Anyways, this show is absolutely hilarious. Definitely fun to watch. Looking forward to what looks like new club members next week.

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