Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 3

Most of the beginning of this week's episode involves Toori attempting to go down a Path of Remorse before confessing to Horizon. Some of his friends talk about Horizon as they shop for a party. We're also introduced to a boy who finds himself rooming with a girl for some reason. After hearing Horizon sing, Toori finally goes down the path to find Masazumi, who is on the way to deliver an eroge to him. Toori runs back out of the Path of Remorse while Masazumi is told about Horizon's death, and we see a flashback of Toori chasing after Horizon as she is run over by a carriage. I'm still trying to understand this, but it seems like Toori is to blame for Horizon's death. Still trying pretty hard to understand what's going on...but this show is still amusing.

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