Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 3

This week's episode starts off with Kaito confronting the principal to ask about the device that sends him Sage Puzzles, but the principal just dodges the question. After they leave, they meet a boy who introduces himself as Cubic Galois, having the title of Edison. He asks Kaito to join him in research, saying geniuses have more important things to do than puzzles. Kaito refuses, but Cubic gives him a wristband that he claims is a charm against puzzles. Kaito receives another puzzle, but the wristband interferes with his thought processes, so that he can't solve the puzzle. Gammon once again butts in, solving the puzzle and following Kaito to the place that puzzle indicates. There, they meet a member of the POG who gives him a puzzle with the destruction of the city as a consequence of failure. Kaito once again tries to solve the puzzle, but is again disrupted by the wristband. Just then, Cubric appears, having solved the puzzle. He then recreates the puzzle to make it harder to solve, but still solvable. Kaito and Gammon both solve the puzzle nonetheless, but when they reach the destination, they find another puzzle waiting for them. They race to solve the puzzle (with Gammon over-thinking some of them and being outsmarted by Nonoha lol). With time running low, Kaito's armband activates once again and he is able to solve the puzzle. Cubic apologizes for his interference, and removes the wristband. The Giver tries to blow up the city anyway, but he is stopped by one called the Bishop, who has removed the explosives. I still like this series...characters are very interesting and even if the tension is somewhat predictable, I like the puzzles.

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