C Cube Episode 3

Finally, we get to see the result of Fear's freakout. Fear manifests a black cube, which she uses to unleash a flurry of attacks. Valencie doesn't seem fazed at first, but Fear easily dispatches her. Valencie is able to escape, and Fear starts to attack Haruaki. With Konoha's help, Haruaki is able to knock the black cube from her hand, which turns her back to normal. Haruaki seems to be able to talk her out of her self-deprecation, but then Fear runs off before he can stop her. Before leaving, she says something that only Haruaki is able to hear, but he passes out. When he wakes up, Konoha tries to force him to go to the hospital, but Haruaki realizes that Fear may be trying to end her own life, so he refuses. Kirika notices Fear walking by herself and tries to help her, but Fear attacks her. Kirika is able to bring Fear back to her senses, but Fear leaves her nonetheless. Meanwhile, Valencie is bandaged and attempts to go after Fear again, but she is stopped and ordered to wait for reinforcements. Fear stands at the edge of a dock overlooking the sea, remembering parts of her past. She hears Haruaki call out to her, but turns to find that he isn't there. Haruaki continues to desperately search for Fear, but Fear jumps off of the edge. However, Haruaki finds her Rubik's Cube and jumps in after her, saving her. Yup...still enjoying this series. It has the action to compliment the harem theme, and Fear's just a funny character to watch.

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  • feal87

    Oct. 17, 2011, 2:14 a.m.

    Watch out man, Fear will curse you! (if her curse is the final scene of the episode, I want to be cursed...:P)


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