Persona 4 Episode 2

Everyone join me in a collective cheer for this episode! Now that that's done, let's get on with the actual show. We start off with Yu in the Velvet Room, where Igor gives him the Contractor's Key (called the Velvet Key in the English dubbed game), which allows him to enter the Velvet Room of his own will. They also explain that his Persona is like a wild card, not restricting him to a particular type (like the other characters will). Also, starting with this episode, the opening theme is switched to Sky's the Limit, the song played at the end of the last episode. I like Pursuing My Self better, but that doesn't mean this song is bad...It's actually really good. We flash back to the day before (right after Yu finishes off the Shadows). Yosuke wakes Chie up and explains that Yu took out the Shadows. They return to the studio where they entered the TV world and ask the bear from before how to get out. He creates the exit and pushes them into it, transporting them back to Junes. The next day at school, the gang finds out that Saki, the girl who found the first body and Yosuke's crush, is dead, found hanging upside down in the same manner as the reporter Yamano. Later, Yosuke reveals that he watched the Midnight Channel the night before and saw Saki in it. He concludes that the people who appear on the Midnight Channel die, based on the rumors he heard of Yamano appearing on it before her death.

In order to find out more about the deaths, Yosuke takes the other two to go to the TV world again, leaving Chie outside with a rope to get them out. However, the rope breaks as Yu and Yosuke enter the TV. The bear shows up again, suspicious that they have come back again, and accuses them of throwing people into the world. They turn the suspicion back on the bear, and the bear decides that he will believe them, asking the two to find the actual culprit. He gives Yosuke a pair of glasses like the pair Yu is wearing, and he is able to see through the fog as well. The bear takes the two to a copy of the shopping district, where they start to hear voices talking about Saki. Yosuke rushes into the copy of Saki's parents' store, and hears Saki's father's voice yelling at her for working at Junes, which had caused his store to lose a lot of customers. Then he hears Saki's voice, which reveals that she never did like him, only being nice to him because he was the son of the manager of Junes. Yosuke rejects the voice, but then a copy of him appears, who reveals his true thoughts about the world. Yosuke rejects him, denying everything he says and denying that he is Yosuke, and the copy turns into another form to attack him. Yu calls forth Izanagi to face the Shadow Yosuke. The Shadow continues to reveal Yosuke's true feelings, but Yu then punches Yosuke and gets him to admit that the Shadow is telling the truth. This staggers the Shadow and Yu is able to take it out. The Shadow then changes its form and becomes a Persona for Yosuke. The two then exit the TV world to find a distraught Chie, happy to see them alive. The episode ends with Yukiko appearing on the evening news.

So yeah...this show is awesome. The new ending theme is good too. I'm a little annoyed that they haven't revealed the bear's name yet...I'm getting tired of calling him the bear (you can find out with a quick Google search if you really care). I'm wondering how they're going to factor in Yu's wild card abilities (they let him use basically any type of Persona, unlike everyone else, who can only use their one Persona). Will he only use Izanagi or will he be able to use other Personas? Also, it looks like next episode is going to be Chie getting her Persona. I noticed at the commercial break part that the Yu's courage stat went up. First off, I find that a nice way to give a bit of an Easter egg to the people who played the game. However, I'm wondering what caused the courage jump in the episode O.o. Anyways, looking forward to the next episode!

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