Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 2

With the Neighbor's Club under way, Yozora suggests that they start off by making friends through games, specifically the Playing States Portable (which looks oddly familiar...PFP, maybe?). She suggests the game Monster Hunter, which has a co-op style that depends on teamwork. When they reconvene the next week to play, they find that Sena is the highest ranked of them, having spent 53 hours on the game (not even close to how much I spent on Persona 4). They all play together (with much team-killing), eventually leading to Sena and Yozora battling each other while Kodaka gets killed on the sidelines by weak monsters. The next day, Sena brings a Playing States 3 to the club room, and the three play a school life game. Sena and Yozora end up picking the mean choices for the first heroine, Akari. They end up picking the library girl to pursue (lol). However, because of how badly they treated another heroine, the girl they actually wanted avoids them. Kodaka figures out that they just need to apologize to Akari, but Sena and Yozora refuse, which ends up getting them rejected. The next day, Sena reveals that she finished all of the other routes (no longer hating Akari), and charges Kodaka to play the game himself. This show's pretty funny and entertaining. The obvious video game parodies were pretty hilarious to see (I guess Japanese people love Sony).

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