Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Episode 2

First off, I believe that the girl that Tooru was going to "confess" to and identified as Horizon is actually a living doll of some sort, not the real Horizon. In this episode, we have a class where the history of the world of the series is revealed (something about two worlds and fighting and stuff). We are also introduced to the character Masazumi, who talks with Horizon able her past, especially her mother's murder. She also backs down from the student council president election because of Tooru. Meanwhile, Tooru enlists everyone's help in his plan to confess to Horizon. So, I'm finding this series hard to follow, but I will admit it's pretty funny to watch. To be fair, I didn't understand much of Code Geass from the first few episodes, so I'll give Sunrise the benefit of the doubt.

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