Chihayafuru Episode 2

The story is still in flashback mode, as Chihaya arrives at school the day after going to Wataya's house to find that everyone is ignoring her. She stands up for Wataya in front of the entire class, praising his ability at karuta. This inspires Wataya to speak to the class, saying that none of them could take a single card from him in a game. With that, a karuta tournament begins. Initially, Taichi does well, but then Wataya amazes everyone with the same speed that he showed against Chihaya. Taichi and Wataya end up making it to the finals. However, Taichi finds a chance to steal Wataya's glasses before their match. Despite not having his glasses, Wataya is still able to use his normal speed, having memorized the positions of the cards. However, Taichi switches two of the cards and Wataya makes a mistake, allowing Taichi to take a card from him. Wataya starts to fear that all of the cards have been moved, so he starts to hesitate and Taichi keeps scoring. However, Chihaya knocks Wataya aside to take his place. Chihaya has a marked disadvantage because she hasn't memorized all of the cards, but is still able to score on the first one (making a scene in the process). Chihaya starts to use rather cheap tactics, knocking away cards that Taichi is looking at to ensure that she gets the right one. They go down to the last card, but Chihaya doesn't recognize any of then at first. However, she realizes that one of the cards is the Chihayafuru card, which (since it's an anime) is the card that is called and she wins. Wataya praises Chihaya's talent after her win, telling her she has the potential to be the Queen for karuta. Later, Chihaya tries to tell her family, but they are uninterested. Also, Taichi's mother scolds Taichi for losing. The two then find Wataya practicing by himself. When Chihaya rushes off to once again look for Wataya's glasses, Taichi returns them to him, reluctantly admitting to stealing them, but begging him not to tell Chihaya, fearing she will hate him. The episode ends pretty cutely, with Wataya finding the courage to call Chihaya by her first name. So yeah...I'm guessing this is the end of the flashback part (I'm sure there will be bits and pieces in the future episodes). Hopefully, we'll go back to high school (high school Chihaya looks better). So far, I'm finding this show entertaining.

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