C Cube Episode 2

Harem time. This week's episode starts off with Fear getting a last name, Kubrick, and being permitted to go to high school with Haruaki (I really dig this opening...not just the music, but the actual animation too). When they get to the classroom, we meet another one of the heroines, Kirika Ueno, the academy representative. Fear is instantly popular in the class due to her cuteness (yeah...I understand). Meanwhile, the weird blond lady from the end of the last episode has a secret meeting in the basement. Haruaki takes Fear to the sea, and she asks him if he really wants to know more about her. Before he can respond, they are interrupted by the blond woman, who introduces herself as Peavey Barowoi from the Prodigious Knights aka Valencie. She explains that her organization is in disagreement with Haruaki's father, believing that the Warth, or cursed tools, should all be destroyed before they become human.

When she attacks Fear, Fear knocks Haruaki away and fights back. Valencie reveals that Fear has killed people in the past, calling her a killing tool but Fear insists that it wasn't her will. At that moment, Konoha jumps into action, using her hand as a pseudo-blade to attack. However, she's not strong enough to defeat Valencie. Finally, Haruaki jumps into action, taking hold of a transformed Konoha sword as Konoha's surname is revealed to be Muramasa. Haruaki unleashes a hidden technique, destroying one of Valencie's claw. However, Valencie doesn't bothered at all. It turns out her weapon is a cursed tool as well, hurting Haruaki in the process of his attack. At the sight of Haruaki's blood, Fear's expression completely changes as the episode ends. Finally! A harem protagonist who isn't completely useless! Haruaki can fight! Anyways, things seem to be getting interesting, and cliffhangers for the win because they're super effective against me.

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