Tamayura Hitotose Episode 1

Eww...480p. Oh well, I hear good things about this show, so I'll just give it a go. First off, the opening is pretty mellow, good for a relaxing slice-of-life style of show, which is what I think this show is. The girl who I assume is the main character likes to take pictures with her friends. Seems we have the standard set of four schoolgirls. However, the story starts off with the main character, Fuu, leaving her hometown and her friend Chihiro, who is quite the crybaby (seriously...she's like always in tears). Fuu's father is dead, but she seems to have accepted it by this point and uses his camera to take pictures. Fuu gets a letter from Kaoru, her friend from the place to which she's moving.  Basically, this episode is about Fuu's life before she moves away from her place and it ends with her arriving at her new home, greeted by Kaoru. Not really sad music, but it's not like super energetic music. Just really light sort of music...makes the mood kind of carefree. This certainly seems like it will be a peaceful show...should be good for me. Still waiting to meet the other characters, though.

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