Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle Episode 1

This show gets right into the action. The series begins with a renowned puzzle champ in a labyrinth with a high-school kid. He takes a wrong turn and the high schooler saves him, dragging him out of the puzzle despite his wishes. The next day, the students at the high school are solving a desk maze puzzle, when the boy from the beginning of the episode shows up. He is introduced as Daimon Kaito. He goes to the Puzzle Club to meet with the president, where he completes a sudoku puzzle that takes the puzzle's arrogant creator a full day in a few seconds. The president shows up asking Kaito to join the Puzzle Club, but Kaito refuses, only having come to ask about a device the president had given him earlier. Flashback to the night before, where Kaito is solving the puzzles on the device. He receives a strange invitation from "Minotaur" after solving a few puzzles. This led him to the ruins where he saved the Puzzle King. While he's questioning the president about it, he receives another invitation from Minotaur. Minotaur tells Kaito that he must clear the Sage Puzzle and complete Orpheus's contract or face death. He goes to the ruins with his friend Nonoha. Nonoha runs ahead, but is saved by Kaito when she falls into a pit trap. Kaito then tells her that the wrong paths have traps in them. Although the puzzle has no solution, Kaito wants to check a certain point. When they get there, Nonoha notices some differences in the structure and Kaito is able to solve the puzzle, moving a whole section of the maze to create the path to the solution. They reach the end of the maze, which leads to a weird shrine. Minotaur tells Kaito that he must go alone from there, so he leaves Nonoha behind. At the shrine, an armband appears on Kaito's arm and Minotaur tells him that he has fulfilled Orpheus's contract. However, he and Nonoha are trapped in the room with another puzzle. The room starts to fill with water and fall apart, but Kaito is having trouble solving the puzzle. However, in a moment of tension, his armband glows and the episode ends with him declaring that he has solved the puzzle. So...I like this show already. Maybe I like puzzles too much, but it's pretty cool. The character designs are kinda weird, but they're not so bad that I hate them. I like the opening theme and the ending theme is okay.

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