C Cube Episode 1

Yeah...the fall season is getting started. Anyways, this series starts off with our protagonist Yachi Haruaki receiving a package from his father, a black cube. Suspicious, he just stores it in the basement. However, in the night, he hears someone in his kitchen. When he goes to investigate, he finds a naked girl (yeah...) eating crackers. He puts the pieces together that the girl is actually the box from earlier. The girl introduces herself as Fear (or Fiya...whichever you prefer). She explains that Haruaki's father sent her to him, having her take the form of the box for easier transport. She tells Haruaki that she is cursed and has come to him to lift it. At that point, a friend of Haruaki's arrives with some food that she cooked for him. She is introduced as Konoha, Haruaki's neighbor and childhood friend. Yeah...It's clear Konoha has a thing for Haruaki, so Konoha and Fear end up going at each other. However, Haruaki and Konoha have to go to school, so Haruaki leaves Fear with the television and a Rubik's Cube (lol).

Fear ends up leaving the house, though (I have no idea where she found those clothes...they're too girly to be Haruaki's). While she's out, she runs into a few people who believe she's a lost child. One of them solves a face on the Rubik's Cube (incorrectly, I might add). Returning home, Fear decides to clean the house, and proceeds to make a huge mess and break quite a few things. Haruaki returns to find the place in shambles, and has to go out shopping as a result. When he gets back, he apologizes to Fear for his outburst when he got home before and asks her to help out with cooking. The episode ends with the introduction of a strange woman who arrives in the country...for some reason. So, looks pretty interesting so far, I'll probably keep watching to see where this one goes. Animation looks pretty nice, but I'm kinda wondering where those random bars of light are coming from...and what's up with the cubes coming out of Fear's hair. The ending theme, which I think is the opening theme, sounded pretty good.

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