Yuru Yuri Final Episode

Final episode bringing out the big guns! Mari doing the intro! Anyways, as for the episode itself, we start off with everyone planning an overnight stay in the Amusement Club room (and by everyone, I mean everyone...even Matsumoto and Nishigaki). While Matsumoto and Nishigaki are setting up what ends being a bathing area outside, everyone else has an Amusement Club vs. Student Council contest. However, since there are five Student Council members to the four Amusement Club members, Kyoko recruits Matsumoto for the final challenge, which ends up being one of Nishigaki's experiments. However, the experiment explodes (of course). While everyone is bathing, Akari's "tub" malfunctions (you have to see it...really) and she rolls away, leaving Kyoko and Ayano with only one tub that they have to share. While they're bathing outside, Chitose shows off one of her hidden powers: the Yuri sense, as she has her yuri fantasies without even seeing that Kyoko and Ayano are together. Later, when Kyoko offers her a chocolate, Chitose kisses Ayano. Chizuru arrives to reveal that she is always like that when she eats chocolate, as Chitose continues to kiss the other girls. In order to stop Chitose, Yui comes up with the idea to force her to have nosebleeds until she's worn out, which also means that Ayano has to kiss Kyoko. The series ends with another one of Nishigaki's experiments blowing up and making everyone think Akari is dead (which she isn't). Sigh...it's over. Chitose really is the hero of this show...it's not even right.

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