The World God Only Knows OVA

This was kind of a cute episode where some of the girls (including Elsie) try to start their own band. To help them find some practice time, Elsie suggests starting a light music club, having seen one in an anime with a girl that looks strikingly similar to Azusa, but with different hair color. The teacher refuses unless they all get 100% on the next test, though. So, they end up enlisting Keima to help them study. In the end, although they don't all get 100, Kodama lets them start the club anyway, because Keima ends up getting less than 100% (he got distracted by the girls). It was pretty interesting to see how Keima and the girls that he captured acted around each other. Especially Kanon...she was super cute (I didn't really like her as much in the series, but I've changed my mind). Although the girls had no memories of the capture, they still had feelings for Keima, so they acted pretty awkward around him for reasons they didn't know.

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