Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 10

This week's episode starts with Claude looking at old sketches by his father, Jean. Oscar sneaks up on him and "catches him in the act", showing the sketches to Yune. Later at dinner, Claude tells everyone that he's meeting with a Gilles de Rais the next day, an old client who admired Jean's work. The next day, Yune goes to see Claude off, and on the way back to the shop, many of the people she passes notice her and greet her. When she gets back, Oscar has her go clean up the storeroom a bit, but she finds a strange contraption. Oscar starts to set it up and Alice shows up (with her usual perfect timing). It turns out to be a projector, which Oscar uses to scare Alice and Yune with pictures of reapers and such. This reminds Yune of when she used to make shadow puppets with her older sister. Meanwhile, Claude is lectured by Gilles de Rais that he can't always rely on his father's reputation. With some help from Alan, Oscar puts on a show using the projector for everyone at the Galerie, during which Yune thinks she sees Claude. The episode ends with Yune finding Claude working late at night to come up with his own sign designs.

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