iDOLM@STER Episode 9

This episode starts out with the three girls from Ryuuguu Komachi acting in a detective-style film. They return to 765 Pro to find that the pudding Iori prepared for them has gone missing. Ami and Mami go into detective mode to try to find the culprit. They get close to finding out who it is, but Ami is forced to go to an audition, so Mami takes the Producer to stake out the dance place where Hibiki is (because she's the suspect). However, they find out that she is long gone. Meanwhile, Ami is talking about the drama they were filming earlier on a radio broadcast when she realizes that the incident with the pudding is occurring in the same manner. Because of that, she realizes that the true culprit isn't Hibiki and she yells to Mami to run, but at that moment, Takane comes from behind Mami to capture her...and kill a cockroach. Ami and Mami finally figure out that it was Miki who ate the pudding (and she admits to this immediately). However, the reason she ate it was because her own food was missing, caused by Ami and Mami. Everyone realizes that Ami and Mami have been eating their food a lot and chases them out. However, it is revealed at the end of the episode that Miki only ate one of the pudding cups, the rest of which were eaten by...Azusa! This episode kind of made me go "ehh...what?"

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