Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 9

Party at Maho's place! This week, the girls plus Subaru and Mihoshi are off to Maho's mansion for some fun. As the girls are getting ready, we meet Hinata's sister Kagetsu, who tries to talk Hinata out of going, but fails miserably. While everyone is having fun at the beach, Aoi is missing out due to a summer cold. The fun ramps up a bit when Saki proposes a game wherein whoever catches Subaru can have him do anything they want. The girls are failing to catch Subaru, but Miho suggests they try to surround him while he's in the water, which works much better. Tomoka is able to grab Subaru, but her bikini slips, which prompts Miho to knock Subaru out. When they all break for lunch, an octopus that they bring along latches on to Airi (trying real hard not to call tentacle rape -.-). More embarrassment ensues. While the gang is eating, Kagetsu shows up to bring Hinata home. She gets angry at Subaru and accuses him of being a pervert (which is probably not far from the mark), but Hinata makes her apologize. Later, the nurse, Touko, who brought Kagetsu to the beach, tells Subaru that a few years ago Hinata collapsed outside her house because Kagetsu had fallen asleep when she was supposed to let Hinata into the house. Kagetsu blames herself for Hinata becoming frail because of this incident. To help her out, Subaru suggests that Kagetsu join them in their special training, which eventually leads to a marathon between Hinata and Kagetsu. Kagetsu agrees not to bother Hinata if Hinata wins and Hinata agrees not to push herself is she loses. Kagetsu manages to get a substantial lead, but Hinata is able to catch up while Kagetsu is lost in thought. In the end, they both cross the finish line at about the same time. After a touching scene, the two come to an understanding and Kagetsu backs off. The episode ends with everyone enjoying the hot springs (and Subaru getting attacked again when Hinata wanders into the men's bath).

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