Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 9

Well, this is super late. Anyways, back at the Blanche mansion, Alice takes Yune outside to show her that she has set up a Japanese style area for tea. Yune ends up having to show Alice how to prepare the tea, but Alice has trouble with the sugarless tea (just like I'd expect from a European). She also has trouble sitting in seiza, which brings some laughs. Meanwhile, Claude continues to flashback to his time with Camille. Although she's very playful with Claude at first, Camille slowly starts to refuse his more childish suggestions (despite still being a child) and never leaves the house with him. Claude slowly takes on a similar attitude as well. Camille also flashes back to a time when she was anxiously waiting for Claude and went to the Galerie du Roy to look for him. She arrives at the Enseignes du Roy to find Claude working with his father, peering at them through a window. Claude notices her though and she runs off. Claude catches up to her, but she tells him that her nannies are keeping Claude a secret from her mother on the condition that she never leaves the house. After talking with Yune in the present, Claude realizes that Camille was carrying a burden as a child because she cared about Claude. Sigh...Claude is kinda dense, huh? This show is entertaining for a reason I can't quite place.

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