Mayo Chiki Episode 8

This week's episode starts off where last week's left off, with everyone staying in a hotel room together (including Jirou). Jirou leaves to go bathe in the night and finds Konoe in the men's bath. After an awkward moment, Konoe's father shows up, causing Jirou to hide Konoe. Konoe's father ends up asking Jirou about his relationship with Konoe, and attacks Jirou after finding Konoe's underwear in the changing area. However, Konoe jumps up to defend Jirou and knocks Jirou out too when she realizes he's seeing her naked. The next day, we have the obligatory summer festival scene, with Punyuru making a surprise comeback wearing a yukata. Konoe disappears and Jirou goes to look for her, finding her father, who tells him that the next day is the anniversary of her mother's birth and that the grave is nearby. Kanade arrives to reveal that the reason she ran off from home was so that Konoe could visit her mother's grave. She then pushes Jirou off to go to Konoe. He finds her alone in front of the grave and she tells him about her mother a bit. She starts to cry because she wanted to introduce Jirou, her first friend, to her mother, who had always wanted her to make friends, but Jirou embraces her to comfort her. He then asks her to introduce him to her mother anyway, and faints soon after (from his gynophobia...that hug was totally worth it). Returning to the festival, Jirou and the other girls enters the battle royale, the winner of which will be able to kiss the winner of the yutaka contest, Konoe. The battle royale turns out to just be a paintball contest, with Kanade winning in the end (thanks to her manipulations). Jirou wakes up again (having passed out during the competition because of Kanade) and finds Konoe there. The fireworks start and the episode ends with Konoe telling Jirou that she doesn't want them to just be friends.

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  • Aeroblip

    Aug. 30, 2011, 12:38 a.m.

    It finally happened: I switched to WhyNot subs. I'm tired of waiting for Ayako (and their typos).

    Anyways, I am loving this show. I see brilliance in its stupidity. And you can't deny that there's great chemistry between the three lead characters. There is so much to love in this show.


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