Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 7

We start off with Ringo in Tabuki's basement, like the end of last week's episode, listening in on him. The next day, Ringo is excited when Tabuki invites her out to watch a play, but finds out that it's actually Yuri's play. When the play ends, Yuri is bombarded with fans, so Tabuki suggests that Ringo go out to eat with him. However, Yuri has already booked a restaurant and tells them to wait for her there. At the restaurant, Yuri and Tabuki invite Ringo and Shouma to a party at Yuri's. At the party, Yuri announces that she is retiring and that she is now engaged to Tabuki (so predictable). Meanwhile, Kanba has another meeting with the trench coat guy to get money for their house and ask about the memory loss bullet. Ringo forces Shouma to perform a ritual, allowing a frog to lay eggs on his back, so that she can use the eggs for a love elixir. However, Number 2 ends up eating the eggs before Ringo can get them. The Penguin Hat orders Shouma to find some way to get Tabuki and Ringo together. Meanwhile, Ringo realizes that the M in Project M stands for maternity and sneaks into Tabuki's room while he's sleeping as the episode ends.

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