Ikoku Meiro no Croisee Episode 8

We start this episode with Claude having a flashback of a time when he and Camille were kids and she told him that she loves him. Back in the present, Yune and Claude are getting dressed to go over to the Blanche household. Once there, Alice drags Yune off, and Claude sits down with Camille. Camille talks with Claude a bit about Yune and shows off how perceptive she actually is. Meanwhile, Alice and Yune are telling folk tales to each other. Alice shows Yune the childrens' room that she and Camille used when they were young, and soon runs off. Camille shows up and shows Yune the dresses that they used to wear, asking her to pick one to try on. Yune picks one that she thinks Claude would approve of and Camille loses her cool for a bit, going on about how Claude would never notice. Yune simply responds that the two of them are the same, which shocks Camille and makes her smile. She ends up giving the dress to Yune.

Kind of a cute episode. It looks like next week, we'll finally find out what happened between Claude and Camille.

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