Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 6

This episode starts with Kanba visiting Asami's hospital room (escalator girl) and finding that she has completely forgotten about him. Shouma is helping Ringo with her "Project M" in exchange for being able to look into the diary, and he is forced to help her move everything from her apartment to the outside of Tabuki's apartment for some reason. Kanba questions the two friends of Asami, but they are each sniped by the slingshot thing before he can get any information. Shouma tries to give up on the apartment moving, but Ringo keeps forcing him to work, but is stopped cold by a fever (get it? hehe). It is revealed that Ringo witnesses her parents arguing about her sister Tomoka when she was young and concluded that if she became her sister, they would stop fighting. She wishes to fulfill everything in her sister's diary, so that she can truly become her sister. We then return to Kanba, who witnesses the two girls losing their memories after getting shot in the forehead. Meanwhile, Ringo sneaks out and tries to fake a romantic evening with Tabuki while in his basement. The episode ends with the strange girl Natsume on the phone saying that she is helping Project M move along, and revealing that she too has a penguin.

So there was kind of a random Survival Strategy this week, but I'm not sure what it accomplished. This show's definitely bringing in the mystery, which is pretty cool. Not sure why I had to wait a extra week to watch this, though...sigh.

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