Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 5

We start with a strange flashback to a stormy night, when Kanba and Shouma's father leaves the house during a storm to take Himari to a doctor. Kanba chases after, but a mirror flying towards him ends the flashback. Meanwhile, Shouma is at the hospital speaking with a doctor who is shocked at Himari's recovery. Shouma asks the doctor to run an examination on the penguin hat, but the doctor just thinks he's crazy (with good reason). We are also introduced to another girl, Natsume, who was shooting some sort of gun in the opening. She is at the hospital visiting Asami, the girl from the escalator in the last episode. She starts to ask Asami about the escalator incident, but Asami is unable to remember much except for a person that she saw. Natsume responds by pulling out a slingshot-looking device with a laser sight trained on Asami's forehead (O.o). Meanwhile, Kanba is talking with his uncle, who is asking to sell the house. Kanba is angry at the idea of the three of them being split up, so he resolves to make the money to allow them to keep the house. Ringo is also having some problems. Her meeting with her father is less than ideal and she tries to bring a Monteblanc to Tabuki, but finds him eating with Yuri. She runs into Himari and Shouma, though. Flashing back to the scene at the start of the episode, Kanba's father is hit by a mirror as he covers Kanba during the storm. The father just shrugs it off and they continue running off in the storm. Back in the present, Kanba is handed an envelope by a pretty shady guy. Ringo is back at the house having dinner with Shouma and Himari. Shouma asks Ringo if he can look at her notebook, which angers her. He tries to explain about the penguin hat but gets slapped for it. While she's yelling at him..."SURVIVAL STRATEGY!!" Yeah...The penguin hat tries to order Ringo to hand over the fate notebook, but she refuses. After getting annoyed, the hat opens a trapdoor under Ringo, but Ringo climbs back up. She then runs up and grabs the penguin hat and throws it outside. The hat gets caught on a truck, which Shouma chases to no avail. However, it drives by Kanba, who grabs a bike and proceeds to chase after it as well. He tries to reach at it, but the bike breaks down. However, #1's extending grabbing thing is able to get a hold of it, but Kanba is dragged along after it. He flashes back one more time to his father praising him after they reach the hospital, and then shows up back at the house with the hat, saving Himari's life. Pretty sweet episode...nothing much more to say. The survival strategy animation is too long >.>

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