Dantalian no Shoka Episode 4

More book...fun? We start the episode by finding out that Dalian's into boys' love (yeah...about that). Anyways, Dalian is annoyed that Huey only bought two parts of a trilogy, but Huey reveals that the author died before finishing the series (cough...Frank Herbert). However, the author, Lenny Lents, also sent a letter to Huey, so Dalian insists they go investigate. They go to Lenny Lents' house where they meet a woman claiming to be his wife, Paula. However, Dalian notices that Lenny's wife should be dead after seeing a note in his book. That night, Dalian and Huey sneak back to the house to find a dead Lenny Lents and an imprisoned woman who claims to be his lover, Leticia Serkis. Huey attempts to free her, but she begs him to let her stay and to come back the next day. They return the next day to find a living Lenny Lents on a typewriter. They have a conversation with Lenny about his third book, but Lenny takes the opportunity to communicate with Huey through the typewriter outside of Paula's gaze. They return during the night again to find a dead Leticia this time. Paula shows up and locks Huey and Dalian in the prison while Lenny mourns over Leticia's death. Huey reveals that Paula is actually one of Lenny's crazed fans who keeps killing him because she dislikes the way he ends his story (uhh...ok...). She then uses a Phantom Book to resurrect him, but the book requires the death of another, which is why she uses Leticia. The book also is only able to resurrect them for one day, which is why she kills them every night. Dalian manages to tick Paula off and she blows Lenny's head off. However, he starts to regenerate immediately. Dalian explains that because of the cycle of death and rebirth, the two have evolved, allowing them to resist death. The two combine into a weird-looking monster and kill Paula. Dalian prepares to battle the two, but Huey realizes that it isn't necessary as the two disappear, finally able to die. The next day, Dalian is disappointed with the ending to the series and resolves to write it herself.

So...this episode. On the one hand, I think that it had a cool concept. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I agree with the science. Even if the two had been killed every day for a year and if their genetic code went through normal mutation, I'm pretty sure that someone would have developed a resistance to death by now if their logic is correct. Yeah yeah...I understand that it's anime, but seriously? Come on...you gotta come up with something better than that. Oh well...this one isn't getting dropped yet.

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