Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 4

More penguins...that is all. For starters, Shouma follows Ringo on her "date" with Tabuki. However, Ringo is hit by a skunk and Tabuki's "friend" Yuri Tokikago (the girl who was at his house last episode) also shows up. Meanwhile, Kanba receives a strange text that says "I know what you're looking for" or something to that effect and he goes to meet the sender. However, it turns out to be a trap and he is ambushed by some of his past conquests. Meanwhile, Ringo's date isn't going all that well. Although everything happens as it is said in the fate notebook (which is still creepy), not everything goes the way that Ringo envisions it. For example, she packs a lunch and the notebook predicts that Tabuki will eat lunch with her and say it's delicious. However, her lunch ends up being ruined and they end up eating Yuri's lunch, which Tabuki calls delicious. Finally, Ringo jumps into the lake to try to get a kiss from Tabuki, but he ends up getting it from Shouma, who is trying to perform CPR. In the meantime, it is revealed that one of the girls that meets with Kanba was actually working for someone who knows about their situation. However, she is pushed down a ridiculously long escalator by a mysterious person (Kanba, maybe?), as predicted by the fate notebook. Pretty strange episode. I'm really curious about that last scene. The penguins don't do much in this episode. They just provide comedic support on the side. This show's pretty good at raising a bunch of questions and keeping us in the dark.

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