Ro-Kyu-Bu Episode 4

So when we last left off, the girls were having some trouble against the boys team in the big game. Subaru switches up the tactics a bit, but they don't seem all that effective. Finally, he just leaves everything up to Tomoka, and the girls are able to equalize again. In true anime style, Tomoka makes a pass at the last second to Maho, who scores the winning point. The girls celebrate later, but when the topic of Subaru's continued involvement with the girls comes up, Subaru refuses to keep coaching, saying that the girls deserve someone better (surprise surprise). However, Mihoshi suggests a challenge: if Tomoka can make 50 free throws in a row, then Subaru starts coaching the girls again. Tomoka accepts this challenge and starts to come over to Subaru's house every day to try, keeping it a secret from the other girls. Meanwhile, Subaru's high school friends invite him to play some basketball as well. While playing, his friends realize that his personality has changed since coaching the girls. Finally, Tomoka makes the 50 free throws and Subaru happily starts coachingĀ  again. So, the stuff between Tomoka and Subaru might be a little too obvious. Also, the chat room scenes between the girls are super cute.......not gonna lie. Loli power! That is all...

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