Dantalian no Shoka Episode 2

Whoa...crazy mellow opening theme. Yet strangely appealing. I can't quite place why. But let's get on with the actual episode. We start with some tsundere comments from Dalian as she and Huey check out a collection. However, she is not amused at Huey's apparent attraction to the client, Estella Lilburn. While they are looking around, Estella's cousin Martin Geese arrives. He informs them that Estella is cursed, in the form of every one of her fiances being murdered. Her parents and a few servants were also murdered. What do they all have in common? They all tried to make her leave the house. Geese places the blame on a Phantom Book belonging to the deceased Colonel Lilburn, Estella's grandfather, which is hidden somewhere in the mansion. However, Dalian does not accept that a Phantom Book could cause such a thing, as they only store knowledge, not place curses (they summon dragons too). While Dalian and Huey are arguing about the curse, they hear a scream and rush to find a dead Geese being held by a strange golem. Huey takes some pot shots at it, but his gun is no match for a mass of rock (sigh...). Dalian reveals that although the golem is a creation of a Phantom Book, it cannot act of its own will and must be commanded to do anything. The two continue to search for the Phantom Book, but Estella shows up to flirt (rather obviously) with Huey. She asks him whether he will stay with her, and he replies with a pretty standard response that he will stay until he finishes his work. However, Estella freaks out and stabs him (yeah...you read that right). She reveals that she killed Geese and Dalian realizes that it is actually the women in the Lilburn that are cursed, not the Phantom Book. Colonel Lilburn used the Phantom Book to summon the golem to order it to hide the evidence of the murders. Huey reaches into Dalian's chest again and grabs a book and a tablet, which he uses to defeat the golem with divine lightning (Indignation!! If any of you got that, you're awesome). Huey realizes that the Phantom Book isn't actually a book, but is the clock tower which has been randomly ringing throughout the episode. He blasts it with the lightning and the golem disappears. However, the tower starts to fall towards them. Dalian and Huey rush to get out of the way, but Estella chooses to stay and is crushed. The episode ends the way it starts: with tsundere from Dalian.

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