Mawaru Penguindrum Episode 3

This opening theme is so chill, yet the beat is pretty fast and cool. It's like a crazy good combination. Anyways, I dunno about you guys, but the survival strategy animation sequence is starting to get old. It's not that it's a bad's just too long to be doing every episode. Of course, we watch the show for the penguins, really. I still think it's funny that Shouma's penguin randomly kills bugs. Also, Kanba's been acting weird since the end of episode one. I didn't do a very detailed summary of that episode, so I'll recap a bit. At the end of the first meeting with the penguin hat, Shouma falls through a trapdoor, while the hat does something weird to Kanba that isn't explained to us. However, he's been acting pretty serious about the Penguin Drum and stuff since then, so I'm kinda curious about the specifics of that. Anyways, in this episode, the pair start by searching Ringo Oginome's house (the girl from last episode) for the Penguin Drum. Naturally, she comes home in the middle of their search and they hideout as she makes curry for her secret crush. The twins follow her while she goes to give her curry to her crush, but they lose her. She tries to deliver the curry, but it turns out that her crush has a girlfriend of his own, who is also making curry for him. However, Ringo switches the pots (burning herself in the process), and runs out. She ends up running into Himari of all people and is brought back to the twins' house. They return to see her there making curry for their own dinner. The episode ends with Ringo on her way home, stamping a page in her diary that details the exact events of the day, saying that it all went according to destiny. I'm guessing that Ringo's stuck in some sort of predestination trap or something and that the guys are gonna have to release her from it. I'm also assuming that she will resist because she said in episode two that it would eventually lead her to her big crush. I'm also guessing that in reality, it will lead to something quite unpleasant for her as well...But I guess we'll see. The penguins don't really do that much stuff this episode, which kind of made me sad, but they are still around for comedic support in the background.

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