Appleseed XIII

HOLY 3D! O.o The fever has spread to Japan! Anyways, this episode confused the crap out of me. I'm assuming that there's some story from like another anime or a game that I'm missing. We start out with the female lead Deunan and her partner Briareos, who's apparently a cyborg. Deunan's a bit of a noobie when it comes to her job, which is working for ESWAT, which seems like some sort of law enforcement agency that runs around with big mecha armor. Besides training from her father, Deunan is kind of mentored by Briareos. This also makes it hard for me to ID their relationship. They seem pretty intimate, but the whole cyborg mentor thing is kind of blurring things. Anyways, not really all that much happens in the first episode. You're kind of introduced to Deunan's character, which is pretty lacking in trust and discipline. Also, there's a mission, which kind of gets interrupted by some unknown mecha thing, but that hasn't really been elaborated yet. What do I think? I'm not sure if I'm gonna keep watching this. Maybe a couple of more episodes to see where it's going. It doesn't look so great yet, and the 3D is kind of cool with the mecha scenes, but it makes the characters look really weird. We shall see, I guess.

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