Kamisama Dolls Episode 3

Ehh? I've never seen two girls do a fist bump before O.o. Anyways, so in this episode, we meet some more guys with Dolls (yup...guys). First off, we have Kousigi, who Aki and Kyouhei apparently know. Also, we meet a strange kid that seems to have some connection to Utao. Anyways, Kousigi ends up having a battle with Aki and barely winning with the help of the kid. Aki is knocked out and found by Kuuko, the daughter of the detective. She realizes that Aki has some connection to Kukuri (who saved her last episode, but she still doesn't know what it is), and drags him away. We're still getting hints about Kyouhei's dark past and I'm kinda wondering if he's gonna get a Doll of his own soon. Also, I'm wondering if Aki's gonna turn out like Vegeta or Athrun Zala, an enemy that eventually becomes an ally. I can sorta see the potential. One last thing...apparently, Utao really likes cake. The opening theme sounds great, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why...so frustrating. Looking forward to watching more.

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