Dantalian no Shoka Episode 1

Another new series that I will probably follow. This story follows Hugh Anthony Disward, who has just inherited a mansion from his grandfather, which he hopes will help him to find the "Dantalian no Shoka". There, he finds a girl named Dalian, who stays there. The two of them go to investigate the nearby home of Conrad, who Dalian suspects of killing Huey's grandfather. Upon reaching it, they start to see some strange things, like a knife thrower and a lion. Dalian explains that they have all come from a "Phantom Book" (that's how it was translated in the sub I watched). Huey pulls out his trusty pistol and starts to work on them. However, when a dragon appears, he doesn't have quite so easy of a battle. Dalian reveals that she is actually a gateway to Dantalian no Shoka, and Huey is able to retrieve a Phantom Book which allows him to defeat the dragon. So, looks to me like some sort of battle of the books is gonna be happening. Hopefully, this isn't some repeat of Zatch Bell, but so far it looks okay. Looking forward to following this one as well.

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