Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 2

This episode starts with a flashback where Taito remembers the day that he is separated from Himea. A strange boy named Hinata attacks Taito as he receives his power from Himea. It is revealed that the power is to prevent him from dying 6 times, resetting every 15 minutes. In order to save him from dying the 7th time, Himea agrees to go quietly with Hinata. Back in the present, Himea is being stabbed by Taito's classmate Gekkou. A battle ensues until they are interrupted by the entrance of Hinata, who is revealed to be Gekkou's twin brother (omg Gekkou is totally Sasuke). Gekkou and his partner Mirai, as well as Taito and Himea all team up to battle Hinata. After using up all 6 of his lives, Taito tries to make one final attack on Hinata and Hinata presumably dies (I think he'll be back). The next day, Taito wakes up and realizes that he somehow survived. More importantly, Himea has transferred into his class. Hopefully this anime doesn't turn out to be Naruto in a different setting, but we'll see as we go along. The music is still pretty good, though. I just wish it didn't only come out in 360p first. I want my HD!!

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