Yuru Yuri Episode 2

So, I didn't do any introductions of the characters in the first post about this show. I think most of the characters have been introduced by now, so I'll just go through them all now. The four main characters are Akari Akaza, Yui Funami, Kyoko Toshinou, and Chinatsu Yoshikawa. Akari is the first one introduced, having just started middle school (Yui and Kyoko are a year older). Although she seems to be the protagonist at first, she sort of fades into the background as the episode goes on (this becomes a joke in the show). Yui is kind of the voice of reason in the group, sort of there to balance out Kyoko. Kyoko is a bit of a wild card, being extremely active and energetic. She writes doujinshi (I respect that) and was revealed in episode 2 to be the top of her class. She also likes to cling to Chinatsu because she looks very similar to Kyoko's favorite manga character. Chinatsu is kind of a shy girl, wanting to join the Tea Ceremony Club so that she can be more like her older sister. However, the club has been disbanded and the room taken over by the Amusement Club (Kyoko, Yui, and Akari). She sees Yui as a cool and mature girl, probably a little similar to her older sister, and tends to cling to her to keep Kyoko away. In the second episode, the supporting characters are sort of formally introduced. First, we have Ayano Sugiura, the student council vice president. She struggles to be the best in the class, but is constantly beaten by Kyoko, which annoys her. She seems to be tsundere of this anime (if that's even possible in an anime with no boys). Ayano kind of reminds me of Kagami from Lucky Star, and she gets sick in the same way Kagami does at the start of Lucky Star (weird). With Ayano, we have Chitose Ikeda, another member of the student council. She has a habit of...visualizing yuri scenes with the people around her. So far, all of those fantasies have been between Ayano and Kyoko. She removes her glasses when she has these fantasies so that she can focus on them and often ends up with a nosebleed. Finally, we have Himawari Furutani and Sakurako Ohmuro, two rivals who are competing to become the next student council vice president. Still gonna keep watching this anime...it's pretty amusing.

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