Surprise, surprise. Another review. So, this is an anime that I watched quite some time ago. For those of you unfamiliar with the .hack franchise, all of their games/anime revolve around an MMORPG called The World (yeah...I know). So, here's the deal. You put on a headset and grab a controller and you can experience the game in virtual reality. Sounds like a fun series, right? However, this series revolves around the problems that arise in The World that blur the line between reality and online. Take .hack//SIGN for example. The protagonist, Tsukasa, suddenly realizes that he cannot log out and is trapped in the game. Even worse, he's lost all of his memories. This anime follows his quest to figure out who the heck he is (and boy is it a surprise). Luckily, the omnipresent Morganna is there to help him out, but unfortunately, her intentions are not what they seem. Tsukasa meets players along the way that try to help him out as well despite his...colorful attitude towards them (can males be tsundere?).

Despite being a series about a video game, the main focus is on the mystery of Tsukasa's condition and his development as a person. Not much fighting will be seen, but it's still there. I thought the story was okay, but the series seemed a bit slow at some points. The characters were pretty well done and the animation and music were both good. It's a great way to get introduced to the setting if you want to play the games (which are great). I give it a 7.2 out of 10.

With 5 reviews done, I'd definitely appreciate any comments/critiques of my style. I'm still new to this, so I'd be happy to incorporate any cool suggestions. Thanks a bunch!

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