Death Note

Death Note

Alright, let's follow up Code Geass with Death Note. The protagonist, Light Yagami, is another one of those brilliant students in Japan. However, his world is pretty much the same as our world, but with one twist. There are Shinigami that hang out above the humans in their own little world. One day, Light notices a notebook falling out of the sky while he's in class. When he checks it out, he finds the Death Note. Any human whose name is written in it joke. Light decides that he wants to use this notebook to rid the world of criminals, making it a better place. Sounds pretty nice, huh? Light soon finds out that the notebook originally belonged to a Shinigami named Ryuk, who dropped it in the human world to entertain himself. By this point, the police have figured out that criminals are dying, so they decide to bring out their secret weapon, L. Not a nuke, L is actually a brilliant detective who hides in the shadows and solves the world's toughest cases. Light and L then proceed to go head-to-head in a race to find the other.

The animation in this series was definitely great. The music is amazing and the story's concept was genius. The scenes where L and Light investigate each other are incredibly entertaining. However, this series starts to deteriorate at about the halfway point and the story begins to falter. Part of the appeal of the first half of the story was the long face-to-face "battles" between Light and L, where each would predict the thoughts of the other and counter, all without saying a word. This sort of analysis slows down in the second half. Also, the ending turns out to be pretty bad. However, this is definitely an anime you want to check out if you don't know about it, especially if you want to see the infamous potato chip scene.


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