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Galilei Donna Episode 8: Anna is turning…

[Commie] Galilei Donna - 08 [15B6EC5D].mkv_snapshot_06.50_[2013.12.02_06.16.18]

I almost thought Anna might tell the girls what she has been doing all this time to clear her conscience. It looks like she’s having some emotional troubles. Oh well, it has become obvious that she will betray Roberto in the end, but the question remains of how it will happen. She could theoretically sacrifice her own life to save the girls. Or simply help them and join them in the last second (this show doesn’t have unnecessary bloodshed, right?).

They’ve found the fifth sketch, meaning only one remains. We still haven’t confirmed the link between the sketches and the pendant just yet, but it looks like Roberto is aware that the pendant is useless alone. But how much does he know of its use? Heck, I’m still not completely sure what it does.


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