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Shin Sekai Yori Episode 16


And then Maria and Mamoru disappeared into the darkness forever…something like that. No death was confirmed, though…so maybe that means…could it? But if they came back later in the series, it might mean that Shun…oh it’s probably nothing. Just idle thoughts. I can’t believe this show actually had an opening sequence for once…

Anyway, things look pretty strange for next week…the bakenezumi showing up in the preview (woohoo more time skip). Are they coming as ambassadors or have they integrated with society (this would mean Saki’s memories were wiped again)? Also, is this whole series a story of Saki losing everyone she cared about? Is Satoru also going to fall in this next arc?


  1. feal87 says:

    I believe that there will be some confirmation about their demise in the future story arc. There must be considering how much they built up their disappearance…:|

    1. marthaurion says:

      or maybe it’s the “it was all a dream” ending

      1. feal87 says:

        That would REALLY be lame man…:|

        1. marthaurion says:

          tell me it’s not possible…just try

          1. feal87 says:

            *shifts gaze while murmuring something*

          2. marthaurion says:

            yup…you said it

  2. Sjcman says:

    Here we go again. It seems we get 1 death and 1 time skip per arc. I suspect saki took over for tomiko and got mind wiped again. Yay for being too lazy to explain shit.

    As for the queer rats they are clearly plotting an overthrow of humans and I expect society to return to ancient times iebour present day when all is said and done

    1. marthaurion says:

      fair enough…we’ll see

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