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Hyouka Episode 7

I’m not completely sure what happened between last episode and this, but Houtarou looks pretty smitten with Eru. That being said, I guess it’s not so far-fetched…maybe I’d buy it. There was a moment, though, where I thought Eru was holding back her glowing eyes because she was trying to give Houtarou, who she believed was sick, a break. But I doubt that was the case.

I’d say that if you compare to last week, the mystery this week was better. The conclusion was explained a lot better and the hints were a lot more pervasive through the episode. Something in particular that I wanted to point out: when Kayo runs from Houtarou, Eru attributes it to fear of grown men, but it was likely a fear that came from Houtarou’s demonstration with the dessert. Kayo likely feared being ratted out by him or something (just something they didn’t touch on later).

I have to say I’m worried. I sure hope that every other episode isn’t just small mysteries…that wouldn’t be so entertaining. I say this because next week looks to be another small mystery. Not much information as usual, but I will say this: if the team is forced to solve the mystery with only the video evidence of some incident, that might be pretty interesting.


  1. feal87 says:

    The two little sisters were the highlight of the episode! That explains how interesting was the mystery…:P

    1. marthaurion says:

      …you would…

      1. feal87 says:

        I would…what? 😀

        1. marthaurion says:


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