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Accel World Episode 6

Well well…another interesting episode this week. Taku has started helping Haru out with leveling up, but Haru is still using hit and run tactics to win. How disappointing…I’m surprised I didn’t realize earlier how much his new wings help out with running away. This guy…seriously. Anyway, Haru comically levels up too quickly and burns most of his points, so Taku’s suggesting a bodyguard. I kinda expected it to be a girl, but what is the deal with a level 1 bodyguard? It seemed like a trap to me, but it doesn’t look like it so far.

Haru started trusting Taku pretty quickly, but maybe that was premature. The end of the episode makes it look like Kuroyukihime still suspects him. Is this a real betrayal or is Taku being misunderstood? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised either way. The battle in the preview makes it look like a real betrayal, though. I thought it was strange that Taku went to Kuroyukihime when he was supposed to be watching over Haru, but I guess she called him. Moving on…Kuroyukihime’s name isn’t revealed…Bah. I guess it’s to be expected, but what a tease.

To finish off, I just want to say that some things in this show seem like they could be made clearer. Like the fact that level 9’s only lose all of their points from losing to level 9’s. Or what effects Physical Full Burst has on the body. Specifically in this week’s show, Haru does that bit where he levels up too quickly and loses most of his points. But what is the benefit of leveling up? Why not just stay level 1 forever and hoard points until you have enough to level up to 9? I dunno…maybe the bouncer will be able to explain that. Maybe she’s level 1 because of what I just said.


  1. Cytrus says:

    Ash Roller got the ability to ride up walls after his level up, so you at least get access to new skillz. Stat upgrades would also make sense, though no stats have been explained in detail so far in the show so who knows.

    1. marthaurion says:

      Are there even stats? >.>

      1. Nanasaki AiA says:

        There are stats. When Haru levels up he spends most of his points on speed and flight time iirc though.

        1. marthaurion says:

          of course he does…..

  2. I was so excited to find out her first name. Too bad they didn’t tell us.

    1. marthaurion says:

      meh…I didn’t get my hopes up. It seemed unlikely that they’d give it away

  3. feal87 says:

    I don’t think Taku will betray again Haru, but I’d understand Haru’s reasoning for being prudent. Unfortunately it seems that he doesn’t know “doubt”…:P

    1. marthaurion says:

      I dunno…it almost looked like Taku made a deal with his old team at the beginning of the episode.

      1. feal87 says:

        He did and I think the deal is “let me level up Haru till level 4 and then I’ll lose my Burst lInker status”. Or well, my speculation…

        1. marthaurion says:

          beats me…

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