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May 8th, 2012:

The Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

So what’s going on here? This was something concocted by Yerocha over at Shades of Grey, and I’m joining in to give it a shot. Basically, the idea is to form a cast of characters…seems simple, but holy crap is it tough to deal with an open-ended prompt. It has never been my strong suit, but I want to try. I wasn’t sure how to approach something like this. I don’t exactly research tvtropes or anything, so I decided to go with chess pieces for my cast. My original ambitious goal was to create a cast for each color on the board (which was almost successful), but I don’t want to bore people with a tediously long list of characters. So let’s just keep it simple.


Traditionally, the rook is depicted as a castle, a defender of the fortress. In practice, the rook is an incredibly powerful piece capable of locking down entire files, so I see it as a more long-ranged specialist. Basically, I see it as a piece standing at the walls, taking out enemies as they approach.

So for this, my choice is Train Heartnet from Black Cat. With his insane vision range and experience as an assassin, he’s definitely a solid choice for a long-ranged specialist. He can even bust out a railgun if he needs to finish the fight quickly. He can probably fend off incoming attacks fairly easily with his Orichalcum gun Hades too.


Ignoring the religious implications of the piece, the bishop is capable of slipping diagonally through the board and cleaning up, so I see it as an assassin type or just a sneaky type (I’m going to hell for saying that >.>). In chess, a bishop can glide across the board if you’re not paying attention and seal the game.

So introducing our bishop, Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai. With her trusty knife and the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Shiki can kill basically anything instantly, making her perfect for slipping through defenses and taking everything out. I don’t know if there’s anything she can’t cut down to size.


The knight is fairly straightforward piece. It acts as a loyal warrior out in the heat of battle, so I’d label it a close-range specialist. In the game, the knight is an incredibly versatile piece, able to gain great strength from good positioning and support. This piece also has one of the most limited movement ranges, hence the close-range thing I said before.

This honor goes to a personal favorite, Hajime Saitou from Rurouni Kenshin. Saitou fits versatility like no one else, having trained with his signature technique Gatotsu to the point where he needs no other techniques. But he’s not just any killing machine, he strictly adheres to his own personal code of Aku Soku Zan.


This is a tricky piece. The queen is basically the ultimate piece in chess, a powerful combination of bishop and rook.

It’s hard to find a character as overpowered as the queen, but my choice goes to Arcueid Brunsted from Tsukihime. Able to come back to life even after having her lines of death cut, she’s basically the closest you can get to immortal. She can also make basically whatever she imagines come become reality. Hard to be more overpowered than that.

Black King

The king is another one of those simpler pieces. As the weakest and the most important piece on the board, the king is typically seen as the strategic head of the game. Although lacking in power, the king has the leadership to lord over the other pieces.

A pretty obvious choice for me. No one suits the king better than Lelouch vi Britannia of Code Geass. A strategical master, Lelouch can easily use every piece to its fullest potential to get to his goal. But being smart isn’t enough as the king. Lelouch also has the charisma to give his orders and strategies meaning, making him a dangerous foe. And if that doesn’t work, he’s always got the Geass to help him out. The character was practically designed to embody the king.


So that’s what I got. Just for completion sake, I want to point out that I also thought of using Shichika Yasuri as a knight, Sumeragi Lee Noriega as a king, and Hei as a bishop, but as I said before, there’s a point where the number of characters just becomes excessive. You may also be thinking “you left out the pawns, Marth!” That was also intentional…the pawn is a weird piece for me. I could probably think of a few characters that would work, but the role just seemed too demeaning for me to pin on anyone.

Also, if my list was cool and you want to see more, or if my list was lame and you want to find a better one, you should check out the others who have decided to participate in this. You could probably even make a list for yourself.




Kai over at deluscar


Oasis Crossing

Zetman Episode 6

So about halfway through this series and Jin finally takes the form of ZET we see in the opening. Strangely enough, this is triggered with the help of Haitani, who stabs him with a piece of the Ring of Exposure. I’m curious about his motives. On the one hand, he may have transformed Jin in a way that’s defective causing him to later take an even stronger form…seems like a typical setup. But still, given his character, I can’t discount the possibility that he wanted Jin to take his true form for his own amusement…not sure which to favor.

Kouga also debuts as Alphas in this week’s episode. He’s once again given the choice from the earlier episode with taking a risk to save everyone or ensuring the safety of some. He once again chooses to ensure safety, leaving Jin despite his injuries. Still, it’s harder to beat him up about his choice this time because we know that Jin could fight for himself and that he had to stay on the battlefield for the story. I’m still wondering about Amagi’s motives with Jin, but I like how Jin and Kouga both have their own support crew for now (they’re so similar, but different). Next week, it looks like Jin and Kouga will team up for some Player-killing action. Wonder if they’ll stay allies or become rivals.