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Aldnoah.Zero S2 Final Episode (24): Peace

Well, given the end of last week’s episode, the “attaining peace” part of this ending was somewhat inevitable. I wasn’t entirely sure whether all of the three protagonists survived, but given the ending of the first half, it made sense that they would. I feel like killing Slaine after he had descended so much from […]

Death Parade Final Episode (12): Emotion doesn’t work like that

And so ends this love story of sorts? A lot of parts in this week’s episode were very predictable, but I don’t fault that because I consider those parts “correct”. For example, the button that brought Chiyuki back to life at the cost of someone else’s life definitely had to be a test…it’s just too […]

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Final Episode (12): Another one down

Am I nuts or did this final episode seem really boring and lazy to anyone else? Basically half of the episode was spent showing Kaneki walking through the investigators’ camp holding Hide’s body (I might just be more mad at myself for not skipping through it, though). Lots of lazy scenes, like showing the blanket […]

Parasyte Final Episode (24): Humanity

Did this ending really feel right? All of the parasite activity just conveniently dying down and Migi going to sleep? It almost seemed like the ending was a forced “everything worked out” scenario. Maybe I’m just upset that the parasites’ origin was never explained…maybe I wanted Satomi to eventually find out about Migi. I guess […]

Junketsu no Maria Episode 11: Power of love!

I’m not sure what to say…other than this week’s episode was pretty cheesy with Maria regaining her magic after she and Joseph declare their love for each other. I guess it’s about time, though…it was painfully obvious for a while now. Personally, I agree with the reaction that the owls are showing right there… Next […]

World Trigger Episode 22: Invasion begins

So this is the invasion that will probably carry us through the first half of the show. There isn’t too much to say about this week’s episode because it focuses on the new type of Trion soldier trying to capture Border agents. Was anyone else entertained by the guy who kept worrying about how Border’s […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 24: Another raid?

In my opinion, watching Shiroe so flustered this week was pretty painful, but I dig this final scene look from him. I agree with the general thought from Shiroe. Why is the moth dungeon just now spawning at the Shibuya antennae just as everyone was planning on using it? That can’t just be coincidence. I’m […]

Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 23: Final battle time

It looks like Asseylum has finally decided to do something useful for the first time in the second of the show. Also for the first time in the show, the three protagonists can stand somewhat equal with their own forces in combat. I do have a random question, though, now that we’re near the end […]

Death Parade Episode 11: Meaning of life?

So this week’s episode finally reveals Chiyuki’s past and how she died. In the end, it sounded like she ends up coming to a fairly selfish definition of her existence. I assume it’s something along the lines of this: as a mind that has no real connection to the workings of any other mind, the […]

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 11: Battle

It’s getting hard to judge life or death in this show. Was this week enough to kill Amon? Is the manager just clinging to life for a little bit to have a final conversation with his daughter or will he actually recover after his fight? Kaneki also looks pretty close to death himself. I’m assuming he’s […]