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Black Bullet Episode 2: Kagetane strikes

This episode was mostly meant to reveal Hiruko Kagetane as the main antagonist as well as display much of the ill treatment of the Cursed Children that are used to protect Tokyo. I was never a huge fan of the whole “Cursed Children are feared by humanity, so they are discriminated against” thing, but I […]

Captain Earth Episode 2: Is that the Illusive Man??

So it looks like the main enemy in this series is this Salty Dog organization. They’ve shown us secret plots with computers about world domination as well as harsh control over Hana and Teppei. Presumably they were the ones meeting secretly at the end of the first episode. Also, I’m very curious exactly what the […]

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 2: The big bad reveals himself

Ahh, so it wasn’t Neko’s forecast after all. I still think that the way she talked about the forecasts last week was weird. Anyway, I guess the new character is Kana, the cheeky paralyzed girl. I mean…they could have at least given the machine voice a bit of delay when she was typing. I’m not […]

Mekakucity Actors Episode 1 (First Impressions): This is why you always have a backup keyboard

I actually read the first couple of chapters of the manga for this series. The first episode only shows the focus of the shut-in main character Kisaragi Shintaro as he ventures outside to find a keyboard. I know that the show involves psychic powers to some extent, but that hasn’t been revealed yet in the […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 2: Tatsuya the Master Troll

Well, this week’s episode gives Tatsuya another chance to show off a bit. This is why he is so interesting to me as a character. My theory is that he’s weak in practical skills because he analyzes his own spells too much when he tries to construct him, slowing himself down enormously. Either that or […]

Knights of Sidonia Episode 1 (First Impressions): This kid can sure take a beating

Well, I thought I’d give this series a shot. It looks like a standard mecha series setup where humanity is trying to defend itself from an alien threat with giant robots. The main character Tanikaze Nagate is a particularly resilient guy (I’m surprised he’s still alive) who is presumably a descendant of a legendary pilot. […]

Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode 1 (First Impressions): Settling problems with a children’s card game?

Well, I saw some interesting genre tags on this show and I was a bit interested. From the first episode, it looks like we’ve got a card game that can affect the real world. The main character Kominato Ruuko is one of a select group of players that can have her wish granted if she […]

Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 1 (First Impressions): I am the bone of my sword…oh wait

Well, I checked out this show for pure curiosity. So far, the series centers around Chaika Trabant, a coffin-carrying wizard who employs the good-for-nothing soldier Toru Acura and his sister Akari to help her collect…something. There isn’t really all that much to be said from the first episode. I think the lazy Toru might be […]

Isshuukan Friends Episode 1 (First Impressions): The feels

I saw some screenshots from this episode and felt like I’d give it a try. It’s a pretty simple scenario. The main character Hase Yuuki is trying to make friends with Fujimiya Kaori, a girl who tries to act cold because she loses her memories every week. The show amps up the drama a bit […]

Black Bullet Episode 1 (First Impressions): I guess this works…

Another familiar series for me. I’ve read some of the manga and I find this series interesting. It takes place in a near-apocalyptic world where humanity is trying to survive against the mysterious enemy known as the Gastrea. The main character Satomi Rentarou is a member of a group of humans that fight the Gastrea […]