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Parasyte Episode 20: It seemed to be going so well…

This week’s episode really does bring up an interesting idea. When faced with monsters that outclass us as humans, do we have to throw our morality out the window? The soldiers in this week’s episode develop an “shoot first and ask later” mentality when faced with the threat of the parasites. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone […]

Junketsu no Maria Episode 7: More war

I still question why Michael would send someone like Ezekiel who acts so human to impose his will. I’m going to be really upset if the series ends with him saying something like “I planned this all along”. Another interesting point of this week’s episode is Galfa’s apparent relationship with Bernard…it seems Bernard intends to […]

World Trigger Episode 18: Enlistment done

So Osamu might have some potential to be useful in battles after all. Even if it suits Osamu’s character, I still find it a bit strange that he is going to be the leader of the group with the plan given Yuuma’s combat experience. Is Osamu supposed to spend the entire show surpassing Yuuma or […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 20: Another episode, I guess

These episodes really do feel like they’re dragging. I guess this week’s episode was meant to further introduce this Plant Hwayden as an antagonist? Honestly, it looked more to me like taking some time to beat up Nyanta since he never gets to fight. The children had their scenes, but they honestly didn’t seem to […]

Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 19: She’s awake!

Well, that’s no fun. If Asseylum is just going to lose her memories of everything that happened on Earth, then what’s the point of waking her up? It doesn’t even seem like she exerts any influence on the story in this scenario. Maybe she puts a bit of a rift between Slaine and Lemrina, but […]

Death Parade Episode 7: Some background time?

This show really does have an interesting take on the afterlife. In our society, it’s easy to think of the afterlife as this perfectly ordered place where everyone is judged fairly by some ultimate being. But what if the afterlife is finite like our world? What if there are limitations? Judgments can be bottle-necked by […]

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 7: Anteiku is busted?

Well, Kaneki finally returns to the coffee shop after being in Aogiri all this time. I find it really hard to believe he’s serious. He can’t really be in Aogiri just to get strong enough to protect the people in Anteiku, right? I feel like there just has to be another reason. Also, what exactly […]

Parasyte Episode 19: War begins?

So it’s finally time for the humans to fight against the parasites? Also, I’m really surprised Shinichi wasn’t busted by the convict, especially when the two met for the second time (Migi seemed active at that time). Was he purposely acting ignorant or is his detection really not that good? I thought Kana was able […]

Junketsu no Maria Episode 6: Conflict of interest?

Isn’t it a bit too early in the show for Michael to be giving Maria an ultimatum (or at least passing it through Ezekiel)? That aside, though, Ezekiel’s behavior is way too human to be appropriate for an angel. Michael’s behavior seems more “correct”. Given that an angel is a servant of God that performs […]

World Trigger Episode 17: Enlistment time

Finally the enlistment is here…it’s pretty much going as expected with Yuuma and Chika easily outshining the other applicants. There really isn’t all that much to analyze here…they were introduced as people who would easily do well and they did well. I’m not sure if there was a small bonding moment between Osamu and Kitora, […]