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Log Horizon 2 Episode 12: Being Naotsugu is suffering

The raid is finally over! As expected, the encounter with Kinjou ended up just being a discussion/negotiation. Everything got wrapped up nicely, I suppose. Demikas even found love…ish. Random game mechanic note: Shiroe mentions already adding William to his friends list…which means that the game probably has a system where you can add anyone you […]

Psycho Pass 2 Final Episode (11): And so it ends

So Sibyl actually decided to change itself and purge the criminal minds from within the system. It’s not a totally unexpected outcome, but it’s interesting that the system decided to evolve. I do agree with what the representative was saying about the dangers of judging collectively, though. I can see an scenario where a brainwashed […]

China Once Again

The time has come again for me to go to China. I’ll be out for two weeks starting on Sunday. As usual, my post schedule may change a bit while I’m out because my internet will not be as reliable and because I’ll be in a time zone that’s basically half a day ahead. I […]

Parasyte Episode 11: Parasites are scheming

Not much happening in this week’s episode. I guess the main thing was that there is some group of parasites that is preparing for war against the humans. And I guess they’re going to start with a run for mayor? Or was that a different group of people? I’m not entirely sure I understand why […]

World Trigger Episode 10: Tamakoma Branch

This week’s episode introduces some new characters in the Tamakoma branch. They haven’t played all that much of a role in what I’ve read, so I can’t really say much about how useful they are. Also, the pizza delivery man scene might have been trying a bit too hard to be funny. I’m not sure […]

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 23: I guess everything worked out

Well, it looks like Yuuki got her wish thanks to Kirito’s magic webcam. Also, Asuna’s real life problems with her mother pretty much went as expected. Are we sure that she’s really an Asian mother? Not too much more to say about this week’s episode…it wasn’t all too interesting to watch. The power of love […]

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 10: The true Master appears

I see Gil is still a fan of his 1-on-1 expositions. That aside, was it really that surprising that Kuzuki was a combat specialist? It makes sense for the person who summoned Caster to be a more front-line specialist…otherwise you have two mages trying to fight at the same time, which never works. Also, Shirou finally […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 11: The true culprit?

Wait…let me get this straight. You can just walk past the raid boss and enter the final level? Why doesn’t everyone just do that? I mean, I understand if you really want rare items or swag points, but this raid boss seemed almost impossible. I guess it was proven that these raid bosses are pretty […]

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 10: She finally knows?

I’m not too sure what to make of this week’s episode. Most of it seemed to be the explanation of why Kamui needed to be killed…the whole thing about allowing Sibyl to judge a collection of people made it vulnerable to itself. But that bit didn’t exactly feel like it needed an explanation to me. […]

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Final Episode (10): Betrayal

I know that Niva’s betrayal was mostly expected, but it still seemed like the most random thing. Also, wasn’t killing Gaz a little bit too easy as well? I’m inclined to believe that he’s still alive or has some other way to resurrect given an ending like this. I can’t be the only one that […]