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Log Horizon 2 Episode 16: Shiroe lookalike appears

Not much really happens this week other than the introduction of the new character, Roe 2. There was a bit of discussion about the location of Crusty and the state of his guild, but not much headway is made. Has Misa still not revealed what happened to him to anyone yet? Surely, people wouldn’t be […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 15: Vengeance

So Inaho’s not going to be the only calculating one in this show? Slaine’s showing some nice techniques here. I was getting worried…it seemed for a bit like he was just going to let himself get carried by his Kataphrakt’s prediction power. But even that will probably be beaten soon…it looked like Inaho might have […]

Death Parade Episode 3: Changing it up

Not bad. I definitely take back anything I said about comparing this to Hell Girl. There’s a lot more variation already in this show. Rather than focusing on corruption of humanity like the first episode, this week’s episode was much warmer. At the very least, it won’t be the same “trust no one” approach, right? […]

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Episode 3: Searches, I guess?

Aww…I was going to make the guess that the writer that Hinami met this week was actually the bandaged girl that recruited Kaneki, but she went and revealed herself. That’s no fun. That aside, it looks like the investigators are closing in on Kaneki’s identity, but I’m not sure how that helps them find him […]

Junketsu no Maria First Impressions (2): Divine Wrath

I’m still giving this one a shot because I’m a bit curious about how they approach the religious aspect of the story. As expected, this week’s episode is where things start up. Maria’s somewhat excessive methods to stop war have gottenĀ the attention of the angels. Still, she has a point, doesn’t she? If you really […]

Parasyte Episode 14: Shinichi is starting to lose it?

So Tamiya Ryouko figures out Shinichi’s “secret” about his mother. I’m surprised that even though she realizes that Shinichi has lost much of his humanity, he still wouldn’t hurt the human child that she carries with her. I’m curious what her game is, though…I feel like I don’t have a good sense of what she’s […]

World Trigger Episode 14: Jin gets serious?

This week, we finally get to see Jin in action…at least a little bit. There’s the explanation of the different types of Triggers, but I don’t know how interesting I found that. At least it didn’t take too long, right? Anyway, other than that, it doesn’t really feel like all that much happened this week. […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 15: Quest time

Well, time to switch to the new players, I guess. I’m not sure how entertaining this will be…it’s a bit worrisome. On the bright side, this week’s episode gave me at least a little bit of hope…I don’t know why, but I actually found Rudy pretty funny this week. Maybe there’s hope for this group? […]

Aldnoah.Zero S2 Episode 14: The two meet again

So Slaine wants to fix the corruption of the upper classes on Mars…from within? Where have I heard this before? Must be my imagination. That aside, this week’s episode marks Slaine and Inaho’s reunion on the battlefield, one now being able to predict the future with the power of Aldnoah and the other being able […]

Death Parade Episode 2: It was all a lie!

This week’s episode brings an interesting twist on last week’s episode. Retelling the story of the first episode, this week reveals that Machiko’s behavior at the end of the first episode was an act meant to save her husband from damning himself, actually suggesting that Decim made the wrong decision of sending her to the […]