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Kiznaiver Final Episode (12): Well, that was a lot of tension for nothing

Nope…totally not suspicious. This is why I don’t take random flyers. Haha what’s going on here? Sonozaki talks as though she’s offering people some big opportunity, but then these guys are basically forcing people into it. Sounds like a great deal! Also, random side note: Without seeing the chicks on the heads of the black […]

Summer 2016 Season Previews

Like last season, I’ll probably do some follow-up posts focusing on specific series, but for now…let’s do the obligatory run through all of the series in the coming season. I know how excited you all are, but if you’re too excited to read through everything, the summary is further down as always. Fukigen na Mononokean […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 11: Almost time for the boss battle

Probably the worst lesson that I’m going to learn from watching so much anime is this. The next time my life is in danger, I’m going to jump into the nearest body of water to guarantee¬†my survival. Don’t think you can get away with this. We know Mumei’s mind is dead right now, so this […]

Bungou Stray Dogs Final Episode (12): The raid bosses appear! Right at the end!

What’s up, roomie? Nothing strange going on here…moving on. Wait…plot development? We’re not ending the season off with a filler episode? Woohoo! Well, I guess I actually have to pay attention now. I’m totally going to remember this. Also, America is apparently responsible? Oops… That’s some convenient helicopter timing. Also, is he landing his helicopter […]

Joker Game Final Episode (12): Randomly romance!

Starting off the episode with a training exercise in a blizzard. To be fair, though, what is this guy actually suggesting? That the group turn back for the sick guy? Or give the sick guy a rest in the snow? Because both of those options don’t feel like they would help much. “All commanding officers […]

Free Space: Fancy Title 4th Try

Weekly plug for the side blog (Marth’s Totally Legit Site on the sidebar). No big updates this week other than putting more stuff in the about page. I was trying to change the media links so they matched the domain of the website, but that didn’t work out so well…still needs some tweaking. Random Anime […]

Kiznaiver Episode 11: Katsuhira with the initiative

Being Sonozaki is so much suffering… Oddly enough, I agree with Nico here. Come on, Katsuhira…stop using amnesia as an excuse! I can’t tell whether I’m supposed to take these guys literally or not. To be fair, taking this literally means that getting the Kizuna System removed from them has blurred their memories of their […]

Big Order Final(ly) Episode (10): And it’s over

Remember when we thought this was so charming and novel in the first episode? Yeah, me neither. Eiji’s doing pretty well for having this sword in his stomach…not that I know what it feels like to be in his situation, but I would expect some girlish screaming to be happening right about now. The face […]

Mayoiga Final Episode (12): Moving on

Sigh…I have admit I’m probably most like this guy in the group. So, I’ll just go with “yeah, you tell him!” Symbolism! Also, why can people suddenly see Mitsumune’s Nana- oh I give up. No, guys…have your conversation. Totally not weird. We’ll just watch as the Nanaki casually sits there. Yeah, that’s the kind of […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 10: So close and yet so far…

I’m fine with this…I think it fits his personality and it makes his character more interesting than the rest. Plus, he’s probably going to pull the reverse betrayal later to get back on everyone’s good side. Seriously, what? Let’s just make this guy look at evil as possible so we have a good excuse to […]