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Joker Game Episode 4: Well, this is awkward…

Oh hey…I’ve been there. If you had shown me this picture without the big Chinese characters labeling the city, I would have guessed this was a Western city. Wow…Chinese people smiled a lot back in the day. Also, the beginning of the “background noise” for the street actually sounds like a Chinese person talking. That […]

Kuromukuro First Impressions (2): Battle against the demons

I’ve seen episode 3, and I’m still not really sure about this series. I’m tempted to leave this slot in the week open instead. That being said, I have nothing else prepared for today, so let’s do episode 2 at least. Gee I wonder who this could be. I get the feeling that it’s going […]

Kiznaiver Episode 3: The team is assembled!

“I killed someone…nah, just kidding!” Man, I thought my sense of humor was weird. You don’t honestly expect us to believe you were just kidding, do you? Though, I’m willing to believe that she killed someone in the same way most “tragic character” believe they did…some random fluke of fate that you traced back to […]

Big Order Episode 2: Minions, assemble!

Okay, so the main character has the ability to control others and wants to create a world of peace for his disabled sister (who we saw in a wheelchair near the end of the first episode)…I know what you guys are trying to do and I’m not falling for it! Well, this could be a […]

Mayoiga Episode 4: Everything is a lie!

I can’t recognize anything in this village yet. Is this the same bridge that they were on at the end of last week’s episode? Because if the body they saw was going downriver, then checking here (the spot where they first saw it) will never work. I’m tired of this girl already… They still think […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2: Rise of the Kabaneri?

It’s been a couple of weeks since we saw this series (blame nature?). Haha this guy’s face. This scene loses a decent amount of impact for me because we don’t really know how¬†people that have just been affected by Kabane tend to look. Is Ikoma’s friend reacting to just a general change in Ikoma’s appearance […]

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 3: Well that escalated quickly…

I feel like this image will be useful in the future. I’m so distracted by what’s going on in the background. What is this guy saying? He’s got a different personality than what he was displaying last week? They said last week that this guy has a power, right? And he’s only an assistant? Does […]

Joker Game Episode 3: Amnesia

So this guy clearly has amnesia, but the beginning scenes of this episode make it pretty unclear, suggesting that he’s faking it. It seems like his instincts as a spy are making him fake some of it, but he doesn’t recall much more than names so far. There’s a high probability that this is a […]

Kuromukuro First Impressions (1): To Mars?

I’m trying out this series a bit late because I didn’t realize it existed (forgot about it). I have no idea what to expect, but hey…it’s mecha, right? (Please don’t be Comet Lucifer) Going right into the giant robot battles from the very beginning is a good start, though I don’t see why they insist […]

Kiznaiver First Impressions (2): Mission complete!

Oh ho ho! This guy looks so rich and powerful practicing golf in his free time! I’m guessing this is the introduction of the people overseeing this project? They all look pretty cozy. Maybe I’m being too picky, but I really hate this gag. She insults the food he’s about to eat, he gets upset […]