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Comet Lucifer First Impressions (1): That’s literally how I am driving by policemen

Wow, this episode really ramped up hard. From what I gleaned from this first episode, the main character Sougo Amagi, a rare crystal collector, comes across a crystal that awakens a girl inside of a larger crystal. When he’s attacked afterwards by some organization that was probably trying to awaken the girl themselves, he’s defended […]

Gundam – Iron-Blooded Orphans First Impressions (1): Trying really hard not to be a Gundam fanboy

Now, let’s go with some Gundam. This first episode is mostly what we would expect from a first episode of a Gundam series (minus the peaceful colony setting). First, the series introduces tensions between two entities, in this case Mars and Earth (where have we seen this before?). Then, a hopeless battle ensues, displaying the […]

Noragami Aragoto First Impressions (1): Return of the delivery god

So we’re back with another season. The first half of this episode goes as you would expect, reintroducing the main cast with another one of Yato’s jobs going wrong. With that aside, though, the episode shifts its focus to Bishamon, who is supposed to be the main focus of the season.¬†We get a display of […]

Fall 2015 Season Previews

Summary below Lance N’ Masques – Doesn’t look too interesting to me…plus, the quotation mark just looks like it would cause me trouble when typing the title. Young Black Jack – I’m not really familiar with the original Black Jack series, but I might watch this without covering it because it sounds like an interesting […]

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Final Episode (12): Another weird thing running around with the crowds

So the final episode ended up being an epilogue after all. I’m pretty upset with myself for forgetting Berg-Katze’s power to copy others…I guess the first season was that long ago for me. I’m also fine with accepting the explanation that the Kuus disappeared because the atmosphere was falling apart. In that sense, I would […]

Overlord Final Episode (13): The legend continues?

I’m surprised that Momonga ended up killing Shalltear and resurrecting her. Was that his plan the whole time? If so, that means that he really wasn’t holding back in the fight. Another question that I had from the episode is the usage of the numerous high-level items in the battle. My assumption from the games […]

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 11: Sacrifice?

So this week’s episode seemingly ends the Gelsadra “problem”. While it was probably pretty obvious to the anime viewers that the whole fight against Gelsadra was staged, I guess the public found it more believable. With the information given to us at the end of the episode, I’m still not completely sure I understand how […]

God Eater Episode 9: Not over yet

So this week’s episode seems to be an introduction for Soma into the cast, revealing that he is the son of Schicksal and that he was one of the original God Eaters. His emotional damage was fairly quickly healed by Lenka, though…looks like he’s officially part of the team. As for Lenka and Lindow, I […]

Charlotte Final Episode (13): In this episode, Yuu takes an arrow to the…

Wow, so they really decided to fit Yuu’s entire journey of regener- err saving all of the ability users in a single episode. In the realm of stuff I liked from the episode, I’d say I liked watching Yuu’s descent into madness as he gains more powers. With the memory of Nao fading, he reverts […]

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 10: I’m getting tired of the word atmosphere

This episode was actually pretty interesting…it introduced a lot of ideas for me, at least. First off, let’s consider the public. It’s no secret that people tend to shift blame to the easiest target. While it’s simple to blame the Kuus and Gelsadra, the fact that they were willing to turn on Gelsadra, their creator, […]