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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 17: Time for battle?

Tatsuya really let Miyuki use his Flying Magic? He really is the military’s worst-kept secret…I’m surprised no one realized he was Silver. Anyway, it looks like the No Head Dragons have escalated from “winning bets” to “invalidating the tournament so there are no losses”. Are there any more events in the tournament? It feels like […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 4: Kirito got to show off pretty quickly

It looks like Kirito has finally entered the game. They didn’t waste any time letting him show Sinon how godlike he is. Also, it turns out the sword is just a regular item in GGO, just an unused one. I guess it’s up to Kirito to prove everyone wrong. Given that most FPS games provide […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 4: Next up, beam swords

It looks like Slaine will continue to investigate things from the Martian side. It’s comforting to know that he wasn’t somehow brainwashed into thinking the Asseylum he saw was a double or something. Presumably, when Asseylum finally gets to contact Vers as she intends to do, they will try to pull some fake/imposter crap to […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: Well, that was…something

Is this Tsukiyama Shuu guy supposed to be an ally in the future? The bit at the very end of the episode seems to suggest that he will be a recurring character that is, for some reason, really interested in Ken’s body (interpret that however you want). Anyway, Ken is still proving to be relatively useless […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 3: First win?

I guess this episode was supposed to show off Shibazaki as the new major opponent for Sphinx. It looks like he’ll be the “House” for this show, inspired at the last second with the key to each of the riddles…presumably, he’ll be the only one capable of standing in the way of our main characters. […]

Captain Earth Episode 16: That was lucky

It looks like the Planetary Gears that had their Machine Goodfellows intercepted before they could become Kiltgang are still relevant after all. Is it because Setsuna is able to give them another chance or have they always been able to try again like that? Either way, it looks like all of the Planetary Gears will […]

Tokyo ESP Episode 2: Flashback time

So, the first episode was just a preparation for a flashback after all. I know I expected this to happen, but I was still kinda hoping it wouldn’t slow down like this. Either way, this episode as a true introduction to the series. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this Azuma Kyoutarou character…he […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 16: Well, that was easy

As expected, Tatsuya ended beating Masaki’s team. The fight ended up being pretty straightforward…no random interruptions as I might have thought. I’m not completely sure I understood what the military people were talking about when they were observing Tatsuya, though. Was Tatsuya using Flash Cast when he cast the restoration spell or the sound amplification […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 3: Game time

It looks like Kirito has finally logged in…although, most of this episode was devoted to introducing Asada Shino, the real-life version of Shinon. She freaks out at the sight of guns in real life because of an incident in her past, but seems to be able to handle them just fine in GGO. Presumably, her mind […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3: What’s Slaine’s role in all of this?

That was an interesting analysis of the enemy Kataphrakt’s barrier. One problem, though: if the barrier really absorbs all light, it should have been impossible to see the machine (or at least, it would look like a black spot to people). Using the water to find the weak point was pretty cool, though. I just […]