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Sword Art Online II Episode 9: Sinon’s turn?

Well, the ending of this episode isn’t all too surprising given that we saw the scene where the mystery guy was looking at a screenshot of Sinon as a potential target. It looks like Death Gun has either taken an interest in Kirito or has been targeting Kirito all along. Maybe his first couple of […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 9: Well that escalated quickly…

That’s a rather anti-climactic way for the princess to die…which likely means she’s not really dead. Still, the Aldnoah drive shut down following the incident in the showers, so it’s a tough one to call. It’s possible the drive is linked with her heartbeat or something and she just needs to have her heart restarted. […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: War approaches…

Mostly flashback scenes this week…we get some background on Amon and Touka. There really isn’t that much to go on, though. All I really got was confirmation that Amon is going for the vengeance route after all and Touka really did have a simple reaction to finding out that she had destroyed a family. It looks […]

Captain Earth Episode 21: Well, that was convenient

There was definitely a moment in this episode where I really couldn’t tell whether Teppei would live or die. A lot of the hints leading up to this episode seemed to hint that they’d be willing to let him die, but I guess it’s still too early for that. I’m a bit curious about how […]

Tokyo ESP Episode 7: Busted

It looks like training is going well. Poor Ayumu is the punching bag for everyone today. But anyway, it looks like he will take on the role of the esper son of the major anti-esper advocate…similar to one of the characters in Hamatora’s first season. Now that he’s been found out by his mother, will […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 21: The enemy is here!

It looks like this week’s episode was mostly training and relationship-building for Leo and Mikihiko. It was essentially what I would call cheap fanservice to get those relationships on the surface. We also find out that the spy student in First High is apparently related to the engineer from the previous arc that was involved […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 8: Death Gun strikes

It looks like it’s about time for Sinon to learn about Death Gun…she and Kirito are about to witness an execution. This is a strange target, though. Pale Rider was one of the newer players that Kirito was following…why was he the target? I’m really curious about the logic behind Death Gun’s targets…are they simply […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 8: So close, Slaine…

It looks like Slaine just can’t catch a break. He finally found an ally on the Martian side in Cruhteo, only to have Cruhteo murder and himself captured by Saazbaum, the true traitor in the Orbital Knights. It’s strange, though…I thought that Cruhteo was in on the assassination plot too. I must have confused him […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8: Vengeance

Well, I have no problems with that particular investigator being killed…he was clearly nuts and not an interesting character in my eyes. It looks like Hinami got her moment…showing off that she apparently had a combination of her parents’ abilities. I wonder if ghoul inheritance is always like that or if Hinami is just particularly […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 7: Checkmate

Did Lisa really help in this episode? She did eventually find the bomb, but it was after she was captured and trapped with it. Five’s starting to feel like a sore loser now. It’s possible that she’s perpetually challenging Nine to beat him just once or something. I was originally under the impression that she was […]