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Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3: Kirito is the culprit!

Well, we finally get a bit of an introduction from the culprit, Kamui Kirito. I’m curious whether the method to reduce the Crime Coefficient lied in what he was doing in the Inspector’s mouth (either hitting a pressure point or infecting her with something since he bled her) or in what he was saying (something […]

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Episode 3: Separation

I guess this is as close as you get to the obligatory beach episode. As hinted last week, the Red Chaika team returns to the story. Also, Gillette makes his first reappearance (no one saw that coming). The hero from this week ends up being the most cowardly of the group…hardly even worth spending time […]

Parasyte Episode 2: The corruption begins?

Well, this week was the first battle against another human infested with a parasite. It ended up being pretty easy despite the fact that the other parasite claimed Migi still had much to learn. I guess it was too distracted by the alliance offering or something? Anyway, Migi seems to be the one to be […]

World Trigger Episode 3: That looked easy

This is the part of the story where things got a bit weird for me. First off, the whole thing with the “Trion gland” was a bit facepalm-worthy. But I guess I have more of a problem with Osamu taking credit for fending off the attack on the school. It seemed to devalue him in […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 15: Does Kirito really need another sword?

Well…I guess we’re back to Alfheim. It looks like the story for this arc is Kirito and the “We Love Kirito” gang (we can probably just call them groupies at this point) have to stop other adventurers from completing a false quest by retrieving the sword Excalibur (is Kirito really so much of a sword […]

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 2: Berserker time

I’m curious how I should approach these posts…I can’t imagine there are that many people watching this series as their first Fate/stay experience. Even watching Fate/Zero gives enough information to figure out the “twist” at the end. That being said, I don’t think there’s too many differences so far…maybe slightly more focus on Rin (not […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 3: Raid boss!

Raids can last a month? Is that how MMORPGs are these days? If so, then it’s definitely a good thing I never participate in them. I’ve played games with smaller-scale raids that lasted maybe an hour or two…I’m pretty sure that’s all my attention span can take, especially if you’re facing and studying the same […]

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 2: Glad I’m not the only one who thought water closet

So we finally get a glimpse of the main culprit this week. Is he trying to make some big point or does he actually care about the criminal that was just killed by the police? Well, I guess he’s no Makishima after all. Maybe this season is trying to focus more on the criminals and […]

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Episode 2: Another hero down

Well, it doesn’t look like Chaika got too much of a level up from that fight…other than skillful distractions with a cat. Frederica’s honestly the hero of that fight despite the fact that she had no lines this week. Besides that, we learn about some sort of mysterious fortune left behind by the former emperor…is that […]

Cross Ange Episode 2: Rebellious phases

They really do enjoy trying to rape Ange on screen, don’t they? Probably my main point of contention with this show (among other things). Besides that, this episode is a lot of Ange acting like a spoiled brat because of her time being a princess (I’m reminded of Luke from Tales of the Abyss). Also, […]