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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 16: Well, that was easy

As expected, Tatsuya ended beating Masaki’s team. The fight ended up being pretty straightforward…no random interruptions as I might have thought. I’m not completely sure I understood what the military people were talking about when they were observing Tatsuya, though. Was Tatsuya using Flash Cast when he cast the restoration spell or the sound amplification […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 3: Game time

It looks like Kirito has finally logged in…although, most of this episode was devoted to introducing Asada Shino, the real-life version of Shinon. She freaks out at the sight of guns in real life because of an incident in her past, but seems to be able to handle them just fine in GGO. Presumably, her mind […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 3: What’s Slaine’s role in all of this?

That was an interesting analysis of the enemy Kataphrakt’s barrier. One problem, though: if the barrier really absorbs all light, it should have been impossible to see the machine (or at least, it would look like a black spot to people). Using the water to find the weak point was pretty cool, though. I just […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Nothing like watching a little girl devour a corpse, right?

It looks like this week, Ken gets a chance to be more human by helping cheer Hinami up. He’s trying to make the best of his situation. The censorship in that scene was actually pretty funny to me (they focus on the ground to show some corpse or something, but we can’t actually see what it […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 2: Save us, Shibasaki! You’re our only hope!

Apparently, this Shibasaki guy is a pretty good cop if he’s being called to action. I’m assuming he left the police force after something went wrong in one of his cases. Anyway, I’m still curious about motives in this show…and also how the girl is supposed to factor into all of these things (she totally […]

Captain Earth Episode 15: Finally another engine

It looks like Hana ends up getting a Livlaster after all. I guess that new machine from last week might go to Hana as predicted. But doesn’t that mean that Akari should logically get her own Livlaster eventually as well? She hasn’t been doing too much lately (other than standing by on the ground next […]

Tokyo ESP First Impressions (1): I don’t remember this many explosions

I read the manga for this show, but I don’t remember any of this stuff happening. From the first episode, we see a Tokyo where espers are using their powers to cause havoc across the city. The main character should be Urushiba Rinka, the girl that appears at the end of the episode. I know […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 15: Preparations for the fight

It looks like this week’s episode was just the exposition of the two sides and their skills. This all seems too simple so far. The military has mentioned that Tatsuya is holding certain skills back…it’s naturally a correct tactic in this situation, but the final can’t be such a simple case of Tatsuya revealing one […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 2: FPS with boss farming…what?

Well, I don’t know if Shinon is a good FPS player, but she hasn’t shown me any abilities as a sniper yet. She only hit two shots in this episode, one on an unaware target and the second at point-blank range. It’s almost like she’s being carried by her gun or something. But that aside, […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 2: This is basically a massacre

It’s great to know the Martian Cataphracts are incapable of outrunning a girl on foot. Well, it looks like the Terrans are going to learn that the assassination from the first episode was a Martian plot from this girl Rayet. The princess has also joined the rest of the cast. We even had our first character […]