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Charlotte Episode 9: I suppose this is the big reveal?

I can’t say I’m completely surprised by the cop-out that the show has decided to use. Of all tropes, time travel is probably the easiest method used to fix tragedies and in a show about supernatural powers, it’s not too far-fetched. I think the more interesting fact from this week’s episode is that Yuu’s real […]

GATE Episode 9: Enemy approaches

I understand that the cliche of the greedy Americans is founded in at least a little bit of truth, but it’s a bit boring to watch…I guess the country works as a political antagonistĀ for the series, though. Also, did anyone else find Pina’s “this world has…” lines to be annoying? There’s a certain point where […]

Gakkou Gurashi Episode 8: Conspiracies everywhere

(This post is again happening because of shortage of other shows to cover this week). This week’s episode brings another twist into the story…in my opinion, the revelation that the school was prepared for the outbreak is not that interesting, for some reason. It likely means that the school was at least partially responsible for […]

Other Anime of Summer 2015: Condensed Version

Joukamachi no Dandelion This show has actually been pretty entertaining to watch. I just have one particular point of apprehension…at the rate they’re going, it feels impossible that a king/queen will be chosen by the end of the series. I think the fact that they give everyone in the family fairly legitimate reasons to want […]

Overlord Episode 8: Well, at least stuff is happening

And so it continues. I was a little surprised that those newbie adventurers were killed and tossed aside so easily, but I guess they weren’t exactly the most important characters in the world. Other than that, Momonga slices up some skeletons this week…pacing is still really slow. Random question, though: why bring the hamster to […]

Other Anime of Summer 2015: Gakkou Gurashi (Up to Episode 7)

If you haven’t watched the first episode, I don’t suggest reading this. You might also want to be caught up since any content in the first seven episodes is fair game here. So this week’s pretty dead when it comes to airing anime. It seems like many episodes have been delayed. To make up for […]

Rokka no Yuusha Episode 8: Ally finally recruited

Despite the events of this week’s episode, I somehow still don’t find Chamot that suspicious. She seems like the strongest of the group with her newly revealed ability to summon defeated fiends, so I don’t see any reason why she would need to hide herself. Also, her attitude doesn’t seem right…wanting to kill everyone one-by-one […]

Charlotte Episode 8: New character?

I’m assuming the point of this week’s episode was to ease Yuu back into his life. Anyone else getting tired of the “Yusarin spells”? They’re actually pretty cringe-worthy in my opinion (and I mean the spells themselves as well, not just reaction from the fans). That aside, is this new character Sala Shane just supposed […]

GATE Episode 8: Diets are fun?

So I wasn’t really expecting much to happen this week given thatĀ there had to at least be some time devoted to showing off the wonders of the modern world to these fantasy characters. That being said, I think a decent balance was struck for time allocation there. As for the Diet conference itself, I honestly […]

Ranpo Kitan – Game of Laplace Episode 8: Origin stories

Ugh…I’m so upset with myself. I convinced myself that they couldn’t possibly solve the mystery in the first five minutes of the episode because of the letter of challenge from Twenty Faces. If I hadn’t done that, my suspect would have been the girl…now it’s too late. The reason that she was most suspicious last […]