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Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 8: The Shirou is strong in this episode

I’d personally be more interested in the annoying phone ringing, but that’s just me. I’ve seen this girl somewhere in Bungou Stray Dogs fanart online…is she supposed to be a major character? But then again, I really shouldn’t draw conclusions based on fanart. But…why? She’s clearly using a power and she willingly touched you to […]

Joker Game Episode 8: A new challenger!

Tip #1: If you want to keep something secret, you probably don’t want to give it an important-sounding name like the “Grand Strategy”. I would go with something like Operation “Give them all kittens”. Because honestly…who wouldn’t support that? Wow…this actually looks like a legitimate chess position. Also, assuming that the white piece in the […]

Time for a Change

So, I promised an announcement last week and I’ve spent the past week finally implementing the last pieces of functionality that I wanted on…the new blog website! You can find it here: Insert Blog Link Here. Currently, it’s mostly a test site hosted on Heroku as a bit of “proof of concept”, but hey…it’s a […]

Kiznaiver Episode 7: Final Messages

You know, part of me wonders if this is more Kizuna System sharing to start off the episode, but the other part of me is going “NOPE”. I’m not a father that’s lost a child, so I can’t really make definitive judgments, but this giant portrait on the wall feels a bit much…just saying. Wait…Ruru’s […]

Big Order Episode 6: Fusion!

Wait, didn’t we find out that the guy behind everything was Eiji’s father? Eiji of all people should be the one that recognizes him. Also, apparently the wish of dominating people is genetic. Okay, sure. But you should still be able to recognize his appearance, Eiji. I mean, even if you truly believe he’s dead, […]

Mayoiga Episode 8: Suspicions

So now we finally get to understand the mechanisms of the village? I understand why everyone else is shocked by this admission from Masaki, but why is Mitsumune shocked? Given what she knew about the tunnel and the fact that she walked right through the creature chasing him, why wouldn’t you at least suspect this? […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 6: Mumei joined your party!

Being Mumei is suffering. Okay, this is pretty cool. Still, why exactly does the giant Kabane conglomerate have a big glowing blue spot on the chest where the Kabane weak point would normally be? Do some of the Kabane just randomly start glowing when they combine? Mumei, you have that giant pipe lying on you…does […]

Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 7: Bomb defusal squad

Recap from last week: Azure Messenger set a bomb somewhere for the main characters to find. But yeah…what a respectful and polite terrorist! That’s such a kind letter that he left for them. I think this line loosely translates to “well, we don’t mind if you shoot missiles at us, but if the Internet starts […]

Joker Game Episode 7: A disappointing lack of Benedict Cumberbatch

Nooooooooooooo!!! Not sure what to feel about this yet! Well, I don’t see a swastika, so I guess this isn’t Germany. We’re intentionally hiding this guy’s face with the camera perspective, so he’s clearly important! He’s doing a crossword puzzle in pen? He’s clearly a smart guy! You might as well hand the guy a […]


I honestly don’t have anything planned for today. I have something I want to announce that will likely wait until next week because I’m not prepped yet, so yeah…does this count as an artificial cliffhanger? I’m seriously hoping that the extra effort I’ve been putting into other blog posts gives me a pass for today… Still […]