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Owari no Seraph Episode 8: So much team bonding

Well, this week’s episode features a lot of Yuu showing off against the vampires and saving his (female) teammates. Other than that, this week’s episode focuses on letting the team members with Yuu and build a relationship (except Yoichi). It also showcases the forces of the vampires, split into the second-class vampires that can be easily […]

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 20: Being Lancer is not suffering?

Wait, so the battle between Shirou and Archer still isn’t over? It looks like Avalon, which was very relevant in the first adaptation of Fate/stay Night is becoming relevant in this series too. That sort of convenient plot armor was really annoying in the original series, though, so I’m not sure I like seeing it […]

Danmachi Episode 8: Showing off in front of the girl

Now I’m curious…has every battle involved blood on the eyes? I feel like I’ve been seeing that a lot in this show. But that aside, this week’s episode is somewhat of a full circle for Bell, as he gets to face the monster that pretty much started this all. Since they were talking a lot […]

Punch Line First Impressions (1): What did I just watch?

Decided to jump in on this show because it pops on my Twitter feed pretty often…really regretting it. Basically, the story focuses on a guy, Iridatsu Yuuta, who will apparently destroy the world if he sees panties (is this some sort of Sands of Destruction theme?)…but apparently he can conveniently rewind time every time he […]

Kekkai Sensen Episode 7: First rule of fight club

So this week’s episode puts Klaus into the ring to help Zapp out (though not in the way he expects). It doesn’t do too much other than highlight the battle between Klaus and Zapp and really emphasize how much of an advantage Klaus has. But was a scene skipped in this episode? After the blood […]

World Trigger Episode 30: New threat appears

Wait…so you can just share Trion? Why haven’t they been doing that up to now? Granted, it makes Chika a glorified battery, but at least it allows something productive to happen in the fights. Anyway, it looks like one of the bosses from Aftokrator has decided to make his appearance. His Trigger seems absurdly powerful, […]

Plastic Memories Episode 7: A quiet week

While I understand that last week’s episode basically started a relationship between Isla and Tsukasa and this week’s episode was attempting to build that relationship, it’s still frustrating to watch what felt like absolute filler to me. I guess we’ve reached a bit of a low point in this show. If I were to place […]

Owari no Seraph Episode 7: Squad is assembled

Well, this week introduces the last main character that I know of, Mitsuba Sanguu, as part of the team. She naturally has her own problems in this twisted world, blaming herself for the death of her team because she broke formation. This was something in the manga that somewhat bothered me because Yuu pretty much ends […]

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works S2 Episode 19: Poor Lancer

I suppose this week’s episode is somewhat of a more “official” reveal that Archer is actually Shirou, but I think it’s been pretty obvious before now. I really didn’t expect them to devote an entire episode to Archer’s past and exposing why he wishes to kill Shirou. I’m mostly curious about how long Archer was […]

Danmachi Episode 7: Such harem

Anyone else getting really tired of Bell’s scream? Not too much else happens this week…the first half was spent introducing Lili to the Familia and formally closing her arc. The second half formally introduces Aiz into the main cast, giving her the role of Bell’s trainer. I suppose that at least gives her a somewhat meaningful […]