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Aldnoah.Zero Episode 11: So Marito does nothing this season?

The final assault begins (relatively Slaine-less for this episode). I still really don’t understand these Aldnoah drives. Cruhteo’s machine was deactivated because Cruhteo, the activator, died…but why was he able to activate it in the first place? I thought only the royal family could do that. So maybe there has to be a way that […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11: I guess this is the final fight

And so the attack begins. There was a lot of torture and whatnot this episode as well, but I’m not super interested in that. I haven’t really paying much attention to the fact that this is the episode before the last one, so next week is the final episode. There are still quite a few […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 9: More betrayal

So the facility was meant to develop geniuses by inhibiting other abilities like communication? It’s certainly an interesting idea. I’ve always thought that there has to be some sort of balance keeping human capabilities in check. It looks like Five was the only “success” while Nine and Twelve escaped…but what did that guy mean when […]

Captain Earth Episode 23: Finally time for the mission?

Well, this episode seemed like a pretty big waste of time. The entire thing turns out to be a hallucination by Daichi that distracts him for a bit before he can destroy the Garm Engine…nothing sinister about it. I don’t really understand why they needed to devote an episode to this…there really isn’t all that […]

Tokyo ESP Episode 9: Run away

Azuma’s escape turns out to be too good to be true…once again, he is locked away. When is this guy going to be useful? Also, apparently humanity’s response to the espers is to put together a task force of people who look like serial killers with their hockey masks…what kind of person would feel safer […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 23: Prepare for battle

It’s finally time for the thesis competition presentations…although the presentation from Tatsuya’s group wasn’t particularly interesting. Also, it looks like Masaki is back…time for him to serve as an ally. Most of this week’s episode seemed to be a lot of shoring up of defenses in preparation for an attack…which ends up happening at the […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 10: Preparations for another fight

Not too much happened this week. As expected, Sinon is saved at the last second from being killed by Death Gun by Kirito. However, the rest of the episode just the two of them pouring their pasts on each other. I guess you could say Sinon has basically officially joined Team Kirito, but not much […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 10: Final battle approaches?

I guess the simplest explanation was the right one. The Aldnoah drive is just linked to Asseylum’s heartbeat, so bringing her back was enough…not sure why they left a wet towel on a patient being shocked, but I’ll leave that alone for now. A lot of people coming together, so I guess you could call […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10: The invasion begins

The ghouls from the 11th Ward have introduced themselves. Presumably, Banjo and Touka’s brother will end up being future allies, if not all of the characters that invaded Anteiku in this episode. I was under the impression that the 11th Ward was trying to escape into the 20th ward, but it looks like everyone will […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 8: What is Twelve headed toward?

Back after a week off and the episode is fairly slow. It looks like Shibazaki is trying to get close to the organization responsible for raising all of these numbered kids. Presumably this Athena program is the start of everything. On Lisa’s end…well, at least she realizes how much of a liability she is to […]