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Psycho Pass 2 Episode 4: Massacre

And so Kamui’s true intentions are starting to come out…he wants to judge the Sibyl System. It might make things interesting. Given how much he is shaking up the Dominator system, I really do wonder what the fate of Sibyl will be at the end of this show. I’m assuming the comment that Akane made […]

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Episode 4: Shocking truth!

So we finally find out who the Chaikas really are…girls who had their memories altered to believe they were Chaika so that they could be used as tools of Gaz. It makes sense considering Vivi’s transformation at the end of the last season. This reveal wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be…we still […]

Cross Ange Episode 4: Sabotage

Well, lack of World Trigger this week has brought me back to this show (it just doesn’t know when to quit). Not much has really changed this week…the team went from hating Ange for being a whiny brat to hating Ange for being a berserker that out-performs them. Hard to believe they’d take out an […]

Parasyte Episode 3: Tag team go

I agree with A…I’m not too sure what Shinichi was expecting with the barricade. Anyway, this week Tamiya Ryouko introduces herself to Shinichi as a parasite that seems to be less…violent than the rest. She may end up being an ally for all we know. I’m curious why exactly the pregnancy thing was so important […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 16: It’s a trap!

The final boss is here! I guess with all of the complaining the group has been doing about being short an offensive magic user, it’s only natural that they would recruit one…I wasn’t expecting it to be an NPC, though. Is this Freyja really a trap or will she become an AI ally similar to […]

Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 3: Archer showing off

Well, that fight was pretty intense. I really liked that Archer spent the entire fight standing on a rooftop across town (you know, like a good archer should). Still, I’m curious why Illya found Archer to be the more interesting of the two Servants when Saber was able to force Berserker’s regeneration without as flashy […]

Log Horizon 2 Episode 4: The attack begins!

I really do agree with Akatsuki’s concerns…I’ve been question what her purpose is for a while as well. Still, given the focus on her in the ending themes for both the first and second season, I’m guessing she’ll eventually find out her purpose and figure out her calling as a true protagonist. Also, was I […]

Cross Ange Episode 3: How many do you need to kill to make a point?

They sure killed off a lot of characters this week. Looks like that should be it for the time being…I guess it was intended to be a jolt to kick things off. It seems like Ange has shrugged off the probability of going “full Luke fon Fabre” since her self-destructive phase seems to be over […]

Psycho Pass 2 Episode 3: Kirito is the culprit!

Well, we finally get a bit of an introduction from the culprit, Kamui Kirito. I’m curious whether the method to reduce the Crime Coefficient lied in what he was doing in the Inspector’s mouth (either hitting a pressure point or infecting her with something since he bled her) or in what he was saying (something […]

Hitsugi no Chaika S2 Episode 3: Separation

I guess this is as close as you get to the obligatory beach episode. As hinted last week, the Red Chaika team returns to the story. Also, Gillette makes his first reappearance (no one saw that coming). The hero from this week ends up being the most cowardly of the group…hardly even worth spending time […]