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Tokyo ESP Episode 6: Training with Master Roshi

It looks like we’re going to get a brief break for some training. This week’s episode introduces Ozora Ayumu into the cast…was he the guy in the first episode? I didn’t expect him to already be somewhat combat effective, having trained with the panda already. I wouldn’t have guessed that from just looking at him. […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 20: Spies are everywhere

It looks like spies from different sides are going to be hanging around in this arc (assuming there is a replacement for the spy killed at the very end of this episode). I’m more interested in the girl on the Chinese side who wants revenge on Tatsuya, though. Is it for something that happened before […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 7: The tournament begins

Not much really happened this week…just a lot of preparation, I guess. Kirito just had a bit of a crisis of conscience after happened last week and recovered with the power of friendship nursing?¬†Also, given how distracted Asuna is, I wonder if one of Kirito’s friends from ALO will decide to make a conversion just […]

Aldnoah.Zero Episode 7: That final betrayal was awesome

What a cool fight…not only did Inaho incorporate Slaine’s actions into his plans with minimal communication, Slaine was also able to understand Inaho’s intentions. It’s too bad Slaine didn’t get to have his emotional reunion with Asseylum. I’m interested in Inaho’s motives there. The simplest explanation was that he was suspicious that Slaine knew the […]

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7: Time for battle

I can’t believe Ken ran back with Hinami just to watch Ryouko die. My opinion of him as a character will be in the toilet for a while unless he does something redeeming…this is highly unlikely considering the fact that he still refuses to kill humans. Anyway, it looks like this week’s episode was a […]

Zankyou no Terror Episode 6: Chess time

It looks like Lisa might be useful as a fresh face for this game against Five. Based on Nine’s strange flashbacks, it looks like Five tried to escape the facility from their past with Nine and Twelve, but was left behind for some reason. Does she hold a grudge? Based on her behavior, it looks […]

Captain Earth Episode 19: Time to begin the plan?

So what was the point of giving Hana the Flare Engine if they were just going to trap her in the Blume for the final plan? Is that supposed to mean that Akari will inherit the Flare Engine? Also, I’m not entirely sure I buy this “trapped in the Blume” thing. From her flashbacks, it […]

Tokyo ESP Episode 5: So far, penguin is the strongest ally combatant

It looks like the Professor has a pretty standard Magneto-style goal of wiping out the humans on Earth to create a new world exclusively for espers. I assume he has some sort of vengeful reason for this revolving around past trauma as they always do. Here’s hoping there’s more to him as a villain. It’s […]

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 19: So now he can survive a sniper bullet through the chest too?

Oh, so Tatsuya is going to be making a Philosopher’s Stone this time? Seems pretty standard by this point. It looks like the main goal for this arc is the creation of magic weapons, so that regular people can use magic. It sounds like a perfect precursor to a revolt against the magicians, right? But […]

Sword Art Online II Episode 6: Sinon vs Kirito already?

Finally, we have a scene where Spiegel and Death Gun are shown at the same time. It absolves him of a bit of suspicion, but not completely because his behavior is strange and Death Gun could be multiple people. It looks like Kirito participated in a raid on the Laughing Coffin HQ in SAO, which […]