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Charlotte Episode 4: I guess this counts as power of friendship

Another day, another ability user successfully recruited. Isn’t this show on the verge of becoming too episodic at this rate? The main concern is that most of these recruited characters, like the photo guy, are just being tossed aside after they agree to join. The ED song for this week’s episode didn’t even change after […]

Overlord Episode 4: Epic facepalm

This week’s episode…well, it’s pretty similar to last week’s episode in that it’s another display of overwhelming force from Momonga. I’m assuming the point is to show how peerless he is in this new world. To put things in perspective, try to remember that he was fighting these angels with light-element spells as an undead […]

God Eater Episode 3: Power of the New Types

Well, I’ll be frank…I was really ready to hate Alisa in the first half of the episode until I realized she was refusing to leave the crew and save herself. It looks like she’ll just be playing the role of helping Lenka evolve further. From this episode, Lenka seemed pretty adaptable on the battle, picking up […]

Rokka no Yuusha Episode 4: Time to find the culprit

It looks like everyone has finally gathered and it’s revealed that there are actually seven heroes instead of six. Judging by the situation at hand, I can see why Adlet is the most suspicious of the seven. He has no noticeable power derived from the Saint of a Single Flower and he was the only […]

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Episode 4: Elections

Well, it seems like things are starting to get political. I’m a bit worried about Tsubasa and Gel’s idealism in trying to end conflict. I tend to agree with Hajime’s apprehension about Gel’s proposal for a unified world. I understand where he is coming from, though. I suppose if you could read other people’s minds, […]

GATE Episode 4: Finally part of the cast?

This episode’s events are what I would count as the formal introduction of the heroines into the cast. Of the three, I would probably have to say that Chuka/Tuka is probably the biggest worry…her constant clinging to her dead father is probably going to be an annoying recurring theme. On the flip side, I respect that […]

Ranpo Kitan – Game of Laplace Episode 4: What exactly am I watching in this prison?

So this week’s mystery seems to have ended quickly like last week’s episode. As promised, ME-chan made her appearance after two weeks, but I found her autopsy this time to be a lot more boring. As for the mystery itself, did anyone else think it was really obvious that it was Kagami acting as Twenty […]

Charlotte Episode 3: Fun with fire

So this week’s episode introduces a new character, Nishimori Yusa, who has a fairly mundane ability of being possessed by her dead sister Misa. However, while possessing her sister, Misa is able to use her own power of pyrokinesis, which raises a few questions about the nature of these powers. In most cases, supernatural powers are […]

Overlord Episode 3: Joining the war

Well, it looks like Momonga has decided to formally enter the world that he now inhabits. I’m glad we finally get to see him testing out his abilities…his spells seem pretty broken, don’t they? But didn’t the amount of protective precautions he used for the two sisters seem a bit excessive? Anyway, I’m curious about […]

Rokka no Yuusha Episode 3: Internal struggle

Well, not many more clues this week about who the fake Brave is. I was thinking about the placement of brands because it looks like the brands are scattered across the body for the most part, but Flamie and Adlet both have brands on their hands. However, the brands are on different hands, so it’s unlikely. […]